Can mild depression be counteracted with physical activity and a healthy lifestyle?

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Giancarlo Cerveri A recent study suggests that regular exercise can lead to a 25 percent reduction in depressive episodes In 2020 I had a bout of mild depression (generalized anxiety, low mood and recurring negative thoughts) which resolved spontaneously. After a few months another crisis, similar but milder (lowered mood for 3-4 hours a … Read more

Depression at 50, with a test you can tell if you’re at risk, the all-Italian idea can be used online

Depression at 50 with a test you can tell if

Depression at 50: This age group and above are considered to be very at risk. The University of Ferrara and Bologna have devised a test. By answering a few questions, anonymously, you receive an evaluation and you can decide to go further with your doctor. InformationToday There depression it is a condition of disability that … Read more

Tiredness, depression and anxiety, Covid-19 is to blame: a study measured the consequences of the disease

Tiredness depression and anxiety Covid 19 is to blame a study

Fatigue, depression and anxiety as well as other health problems show up even 6 months after contracting the virus. Scientists are discovering more and more side effects due to Covid-19. Let’s talk about effects long-termnamed “Long-Covid”. InformationToday This serious disease, which has changed our lives on multiple aspectsstill has some surprises in store for us. … Read more

Depression, here’s the test to find out if you’re at risk: answer these questions in 8 minutes

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Eight minutes. Or even less if you have a good connection. This is enough to have a personalized estimate of the risk of depression. With cloakIn fact, it is enough to answer very simple questions about yourself and your daily life to know in advance how close or far you are from the so-called dark … Read more

Tiziano Ferro in depression: “the obligation to solitude, suicidal thoughts”, a terrible truth

Tiziano Ferro in depression the obligation to solitude suicidal thoughts

Tiziano Ferro, a guest at Verissimo, confessed difficult secrets from his past. The singer with an open heart with Silvia Toffanin. The man talks about himself in a difficult interview. Let’s see in the details. Tiziano Ferro is one of the most loved and appreciated singers in Italy and abroad. For twenty years on the … Read more

In two years the cases of depression and anxiety among adolescents have doubled

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

In the age group between 13 and 18 years in the last two years the incidence of depression and anxiety: the pandemic has heavily impacted the mental health of adolescents and this widespread discomfort risks putting a serious mortgage on the future well-being of children. This is certified by an extensive meta-analysis just published in … Read more

Ronaldo and depression: “I’ve been doing therapy for two and a half years, now it’s better”

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Dazn’s film dedicated to the Phenomenon was presented yesterday in Madrid, in what was an exciting night for the Brazilian champion (“yes, I cried a couple of times seeing those images”) and for the public. Ronaldo then dealt with the psychological problems that he has been carrying around for years and that he is solving … Read more

Ronaldo suffers from depression: from Buffon to Ilicic, how many precedents in sport

Ronaldo suffers from depression from Buffon to Ilicic how many

He took advantage of the presentation of Dazn’s documentary film on his life, entitled “The rise, fall and redemption of Ronaldo” to spill the beans. Ronaldo the Phenomenon, the champion who thrilled everyone in his career by scoring an avalanche of goals with his brand, unrepeatable and inimitable, suffers from depression. He talked about it … Read more

Shanti’s depression who asked for (and obtained) euthanasia at the age of 23: because it was avoidable

Shantis depression who asked for and obtained euthanasia at the

Survived a terrorist attack that left her physically unharmed but marked her forever from an emotional point of view. To the point of making her decide to end, at only 23 years old, to his life with euthanasia. What could have pushed Shanti De Corte, young Belgian, to ask for the end of life? His … Read more