Red Devils, the first F35 aircraft of the 6th Wing landed in Ghedi

Do you want to advertise on this site? At 10.36 he landed at the Ghedi military airport the first F35 «Lightning II» assigned to the 6th Wing of the Red Devils Air Force. The aircraft of the fifth generation and of American manufacture, is the first example in force in the department that he has … Read more

Ravenous Devils, the review of a management software in which humans are minced and served

Ravenous Devils the review of a management software in which

The review of Ravenous Devils, a management software in which you have to serve human beings to other human beings without attracting too much attention. Two successful young entrepreneurs from the restaurant and fashion industry, Percival and Hildred, of those who fill social networks with motivational messages and complain about not finding employees who want … Read more