Alzheimer’s, a rare hereditary form, can be diagnosed early

Alzheimers a rare hereditary form can be diagnosed early

A new study of an inherited form of Alzheimer’s disease shows that a protein called GFAP is a possible biomarker for very early stages of the disease. The study, conducted by researchers at Karolinska Institutet and published in the journal Brain, could one day lead to an early diagnosis. Alzheimer’s disease begins decades before any … Read more

Streptococcus A, George’s mother (5 years old): «They had diagnosed him with thrush, be careful». From fever to muscle pain: the symptoms

There are 9 children who died from bacterial inflammation caused by Streptococcus A in Great Britain. The bacterium can affect the throat and skin, keeping the infection asymptomatic and easy to resolve; but when it becomes invasive, the situation can become serious, triggering scarlet fever, tonsillitis, impetigo, and in the worst case even death, because … Read more

Pregnant at 29, the doctor diagnosed her with mastitis: “Take an antibiotic.” But she had a tumor

Pregnant at 29 the doctor diagnosed her with mastitis Take

Lindsey Gritton it was in its 34th week of pregnancy when he realized that something was wrong. For the 29-year-old, the one she was carrying in her womb was her second daughter: the whole course of the pregnancy was regular, until at a certain point she began to feel a burning … Read more

Laura Torrisi and the disease diagnosed in an already advanced state | Confession – Show Only

Laura Torrisi and the disease diagnosed in an already advanced

Laura Torrisi, former partner of the Florentine director Leonardo Pieraccioni, with whom she also starred in the old film A Beautiful Wife, spoke during one of her hosted in the living room of the rotogravure conducted by the legendary Silvia Toffanin about her ordeal against a fortunately eradicated disease. Her confession that broke her fans’ … Read more

Jane Fonda: “I was diagnosed with lymphoma”. Her story on Instagram

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Jane Fonda returned to Instagram announcing an unexpected diagnosis: the actress have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but he wanted to reassure him about his health conditions. In the long outburst on social media, Jane Fonda explained that she had already started chemo. Many messages of speedy recovery, which flooded the actress with affection under the post of … Read more

What are the main causes of cardiac arrhythmias, what are the symptoms and how to prevent them once diagnosed

Cardiac arrhythmias are a complex of alterations in rhythm and heart rate which may consist in a variation of the frequency and therefore in an increase (tachycardia) or a decrease (bradycardia), or in a variation of the regularity of the rhythm as in extrasystoles up to fibrillations . By virtue of these conditions, a set … Read more