The former adviser of the Tsar: “Here in Russia there is malaise, who wants to die for Kherson?”

The former adviser of the Tsar Here in Russia there

from Marco Imarisio For Gleb Pavlovskij, the taboo of mobilization has been broken: “There will be other calls, but the Tsar is no longer strong” “CWhat do you want it to matter if the mobilization will be partial or general. When you improvise, there are no limits or borders ». At each sentence, a learned … Read more

Ukraine, ‘armed Russians force to vote’. Kirill: ‘Enlist, if you die you will be with God’. Moscow admits ‘hysteria’ after mobilization – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ukraine armed Russians force to vote Kirill Enlist if you

Threats to citizens and armed groups to force people to vote. On the first day of the referendum wanted by Fly in the People’s Republics of Donetsk (RPD) e Lugansk (Rpl) and in the territories freed to join the Russia – with former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev declaring the “protection” of the vote “any Russian … Read more

Orietta Berti confesses: “she wants to die”. A sensational statement

Orietta Berti confesses she wants to die A sensational statement

Orietta Berti recently made a statement that left everyone speechless, something we never expected. Orietta Berti is one of the most active Italian singers and with the longest career that we can boast in our country, Silvio Gigli nicknamed her the Capinera d’Emilia even if she is more often remembered as the Nightingale of Cavriago. … Read more

Fear for Alessia Marcuzzi: “I thought I was going to die, Francesco Facchinetti’s wife saved me”

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

On Sunday DJ Francesco and ex-partner Alessia Marcuzzi in the company of their respective spouses and children met in London to spend a carefree family dinner. What was supposed to be a fun night out quickly turned into a nightmare. Alessia Marcuzzi risked dying of suffocation. To save her life, as the Roman presenter herself … Read more

Casting for anorexics, the amnesia of a scandal: 10 years ago the golden lion was given to those who hoisted them on stage, with obese and laryngectomees. A girl of 25 years and 27 kilos made herself die to get on it – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Today it causes scandal and anger, but there was a time not far away in which Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement were given to those who hoisted anorexics on stage. And not only those, but also obese actors of over two hundred pounds and laryngectomees. It is still perceived the echo ofunspeakable casting for anorexic … Read more

World swimming pool, Paltrinieri triumphs in the 1,500 style: “I was willing to die in the pool”. Another historic gold in the mixed 4X100, beaten USA – Il Fatto Quotidiano

World swimming pool Paltrinieri triumphs in the 1500 style I

Another day of great satisfaction at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest. To Gregorio Paltrinieri’s triumph in the 1,500 style was added the historic gold in the mixed 4 × 100. “Today I proved that I’m still here, I knew I was worth these times ”, Paltrinieri said immediately after the triumph. The 27-year-old from … Read more

War, Ukrainians trapped in Severodonetsk. The Russians: “Give up or you will all die”

Civilians blocked, access routes destroyed. Severodonetsk is now surrounded by Russians. “All three bridges to the city have been destroyed,” says the Ukrainian governor of the region Lugansk, Serhiy Haidai. This makes the evacuation of residents and the transport of goods “impossible”. There destruction of the third bridge – for which the belligerents are blaming … Read more

“I don’t want to die”: Fedez in the audio of when he discovered the tumor

from Maria Volpe In his Instagram stories, Fedez published part of the session he had with the psychologist the day he discovered he had pancreatic cancer. The stages of the disease on social networks A new step in the story of the illness of Fedez. The singer has chosen to share another memory with his … Read more

Fabio Ridolfi chooses deep sedation: “State doesn’t help me die”

Fabio Ridolfi, the 46-year-old from Fermignano (Pesaro-Urbino) immobilized in bed for 18 years due to a tetraparesis, chose to die undergoing deep sedation, “following the lack of response from the Marche Regional Health Service which, after having communicated the opinion of the Ethics Committee 40 days late with the green light for medical aid for … Read more