Sanctions effect, further increases for diesel are expected. The excise duty question is destined to arise again and already in February – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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For diesel, the worst is probably yet to come. And the problem of excise duties is destined to become more heated than it already is now. Unlike petrol, which is mostly used by cars, diesel is the fuel “that moves the world”. Besides cars it powers trucks, industrial and agricultural machines as well as other … Read more

Marca per marca, la guida “totale” per le auto benzina e diesel che hanno gli incentivi fino a 2.000 euro – News –

ALFA ROMEO: la recentissima Tonale per il momento ha tre versioni in listino, (130, 160 CV e 280 CV) ma solo la meno potente è fra quelle incentivabili. Potreste sottovalutarla perché ha solo la trazione anteriore, ma la dinamica di guida è da vera Alfa, sterzo rapidissimo, motore non proprio brillante. È arrivata anche la plug-in da … Read more

Diesel at record prices: why diesel costs more than petrol (and could still go up)

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

All the fault of the excise duties. The reinstatement of fuel taxes is creating some fibrillation in the government: since January, motorists have seen the price of diesel and petrol rise by 18.3 cents per litre, i.e. the equivalent of the discount on excise duties foreseen by decree until last December 31st. The return to … Read more

Petrol and diesel, soaring prices: on the motorway around 2.5 euros per liter

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

From increase to increase since the beginning of the year, i.e. since the government definitively canceled all the discount on excise duties, fuel prices continue to grow. And after petrol reported in recent days at an altitude of 2 euros in some stations, today it is the case of diesel that Codacons consumers photograph at … Read more

Why are petrol and diesel increasing? Is it just the fault of excise duties?

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The effect of the excise cut stop is starting to be felt: fuel prices are rising, with petrol in self-service exceeding 1.8 euros and diesel soaring towards 1.87, while on “service” we are just under 2 euros for petrol (1.95 euros/litre) and already over for the diesel (2.02 euros/litre). In addition to the effects of … Read more

From January 1, the state eco-incentives are back, even for petrol and diesel

From January 1 the state eco incentives are back even for

They have been reconfirmed government incentives on the purchase of new cars also in 2023, for all those models and fuels that reach a maximum threshold of 135 g CO2/km. This is the second phase of a larger plan, intended for the automotive sector, launched last year by the outgoing Draghi government, intended to last … Read more

Revenue Agency, if you receive the “magic number” you save a third on diesel –

Revenue Agency if you receive the magic number you save

In these difficult times of crisis, when petrol and diesel prices rise and fall without warning and reached the dangerous threshold of 2.5 euros per liter just a few months ago, people are doing everything to save money. There’s a reason cost-of-living increases are ubiquitous: gas and electricity bills double in the best-case scenario, basic … Read more

Breton: stop on diesel and petrol, the agreement on the car does not change. Yes to a transition fund

Breton stop on diesel and petrol the agreement on the

Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Industry «The transition to electric cars will lead to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs along the entire supply chain, around 600,000 across the EU. The automotive sector provides 12.7 million direct and indirect jobs in Europe, equal to 6.6% of total EU employment ». … Read more

Does the Forza Diesel government know that Stellantis …? – Vaielectric

Does the Forza Diesel government know that Stellantis

A French plant in Stellantis (photo credit: Stellantis Media). Does the Forza Diesel government know that Stellantis invests everywhere except in Italy? And that investments in electricity and hydrogen go everywhere except here? Christian Meunier, # 1 of the Jeep, John Elkann and Carlos Tavares, president and CEO of Stellantis, with the Jeep Avenger, which … Read more

Cars, EU agreement: petrol and diesel sales banned from 2035

Listen to the audio version of the article A historic agreement between Parliament and the Council on the future of harmful emissions from light vehicles was reached on the evening of Thursday 27 October. After long months of negotiations, the two institutions have agreed to ban new combustion cars from 2035 onwards. The agreement, the … Read more