Christmas lunch, holiday dinners and cholesterol: the tricks to not give up delicious dishes

Christmas lunch holiday dinners and cholesterol the tricks to not

We are now in full festive atmosphere and Christmas lunch is really close. We can treat ourselves to treats while also keeping ourselves healthy. We know that for keep calories, blood sugar and cholesterol at bay we must adopt a healthy and light diet. During the partieshowever, it really is hard. InformationToday There are really … Read more

Covid, the (unwritten) rules for Christmas. «Hugs and holidays yes, but with symptoms (even with a negative swab) don’t go to dinners»

It will be the Christmas of hugs found and no longer broken. A new party for grandparents and grandchildren and friends of all ages, without the nightmare of the lockdown, the specter of loneliness, the forbidden dinners. The opportunity to rediscover the warmth of being together. With the approval of virologists and epidemiologists. Woe to … Read more