EU, the yes to Ukraine’s candidacy ignites the discontent of the Balkans: “Our questions have been standing for years”. The node dealt with: thus unanimity risks destabilizing the Union – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The day of Ukraine became the Balkan day. The recognition of candidate status a Kiev it was the prologue to a tough battle between the European countries and the 6 representatives of the Western Balkans (North MacedoniaAlbania, SerbiaKosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro), whose accession process to the Union has been at a standstill for years. … Read more

Putin and the discontent of the siloviki magic circle: the war is bad, “Things will get worse”

from Fabrizio Dragosei Several Russian sources now speak openly of grumbling and even explicit criticism of the way Vladimir Putin is conducting. The distrust of the black nuclear suitcase: the president fears that the other links in the chain, if he were to “push the button”, could disobey When wars are bad, even if they … Read more