MacBook Air, the discount is unmissable: at this price it must be bought immediately

MacBook Air the discount is unmissable at this price it

Thin, compact and light, the Apple MacBook Air is the laptop of choice for all those people who work on the go. The bitten Apple ultrabook can in fact be transported without getting too tired and, thanks to optimal battery management, ensures autonomy that goes far beyond the working day. On Telegram we have opened … Read more

Amazfit GTR 4 at a historic low: shocking discount

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The smartwatch market is constantly evolving, with more and more new devices being launched into the market offering previously unseen features. And companies that focus a lot on are also appearing value for money, “copying” what Xiaomi has done in the world of smartphones. For example Amazfit which in recent years has conquered a good … Read more

PlayStation Store discounts: three games to buy at a discount at Christmas

PlayStation Store discounts three games to buy at a discount.webp

Sony wastes no time chatting and, well in advance of the start of the new year, has already moved forward by launching the new January Sale on PlayStation Store. The video games on offer are, as usual, hundreds and there is no shortage of productions of great media and qualitative prominence such as Elden Ringfresh … Read more

Samsung, unmissable discount on top smart TVs: bargain price

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Of smart TVs the market is now full. Just take a tour of any consumer electronics store or an e-commerce sector to find dozens and dozens of models in every price range. Such an abundance, however, more often than not complicates the choice and risks leading the buyer astray. Up Telegram we have opened two … Read more

Superbonus, how to fill in the F24 form for invoice discount and credit transfer

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The Revenue Agency implements the news on the discount on invoices and the transfer of credit contained in art. 9 of the Aid quater decree, i.e. the possibility for assignees to use (in compensation) the credit in 10 years, instead of in four or five years, depending on the year to which the expenditure for … Read more

Sky with the discount, the Christmas present arrives earlier: everyone can do it

Sky with the discount the Christmas present arrives earlier everyone

Sky with the discount, the Christmas present arrives earlier ( Sky with the discount, the Christmas present arrives earlier: everyone can do it. New offer for subscribers, it’s worth thinking about it Serie A is stopped until 4 January. All other leagues in Europe which will resume at the beginning of the new year or … Read more

Galaxy S22 Ultra, the discount is exaggerated: to buy now

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19 In the “top” challenge among top-of-the-range smartphones, Samsung he always played the part of the protagonist. The South Korean manufacturer, in fact, has always been able to present devices characterized by top performance even after some time. On Telegram we have opened two channels dedicated to offers: “Technology offers channel” and “home offers”. The … Read more

Euronics flyer “Star Days” and “VAT discount” 29 Nov – 7 Dec: double promo not to be missed

1669739444 Euronics flyer Star Days and VAT discount 29 Nov

The new promotion of the is very convenient Euronics flyerwhich brings back a great classic, the “Star Days“. You have until December 7, 2022 to take advantage of the offers specials available in group shops Nova, CDS, The Milky Way And Bruno. Attention, because there is also an additional promotion “VAT Discount and Double VAT … Read more

Lamborghini, incredible offer for Black Friday: 50% discount on this model –

Lamborghini incredible offer for Black Friday 50 discount on this

The amazing Lamborghini Huracan is sold for Black Friday at a crazy price: even 50% less than the list price. Together with Ferrari, Lamborghini has represented the excellence of Italian mechanics and automotive engineering for decades. The historic Emilian brand was born in the 1960s from the idea of ​​Ferruccio Lamborghini, an entrepreneur who had … Read more

MacBook Air never so affordable: shocking discount

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It will almost seem strange to say it, but for Apple PCs, time almost seems to not pass. And we’re not just talking about design, which has been devoted to extreme minimalism for years: even if it’s a few years old, MacBooks look almost like new. On Telegram we have opened two channels dedicated to … Read more