Google TV vs. Android TV: let’s discover the differences together

a question that many of you ask us and today we want to try to give an answer: ‘What is the difference between Android TV and Google TV?‘ Google TV and Android TV: let’s clarify [HWUVIDEO=”3313″]Google TV vs. Android TV: what are the differences?[/HWUVIDEO] First Google TV OS, then Android TV … Read more

The good health of the newborn’s belly depends on that of the mother: let’s discover the microbiota

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

Did you know that the good health of the baby’s belly depends on that of the mother? And that the methods of delivery – cesarean or natural – have important consequences on the composition of the baby’s “microbiota”, that is, the set of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that reside in our body, essential for … Read more

Xbox Games with Gold, let’s discover the games of November 2022

Xbox Games with Gold lets discover the games of November

Let’s take a look at the games of November 2022 regarding the Games with Gold, which continue in the new edition restricted to only two titles. In case anyone still finds it hard to believe that i Games with Gold had really become half of what they were before, the announcement of the free games … Read more

Black Friday arrives early with Unieuro, discover the new flyer “of temptations” –

Black Friday arrives early with Unieuro discover the new flyer

There is a new interesting flyer from Unieuro called “Temptation Black Friday”. It is, as you may have already guessed, a taste of Black Friday, the blackest Friday of the year which this year will fall on November 25th. Unieuro flyer, 29/10/2022 – Many products can be purchased on offer until November 2, with … Read more

Fire Emblem Engage, let’s discover the new exclusive for Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Engage lets discover the new exclusive for Nintendo

It seems like yesterday that we were desperate because Nintendo wasn’t bringing the Fire Emblems to the west and now the series Intelligent Systems it seems to have become practically an annual event, in one form or another. A few months have passed since the release of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopesthe latest action-oriented interpretation … Read more

Hands test, so you discover the hidden side of your personality: this detail says it all

Hands test so you discover the hidden side of your

A text that is very easy to do and that can awaken some perhaps still unpublished aspects of your personality is precisely this linked to the shape and temperature of your hands, so if you want to know an aspect of your personality that you may not know, start the test. Many often in life … Read more

Harvestella, we discover a new Harvest Moon imitator with many cards to play

Harvestella we discover a new Harvest Moon imitator with many

We discover Harvestella, a Harvest Moon imitator who seems to have a lot of cards to play to stand out from the competition. Agriculture is undeniably one of the most important human activities, considering that we would hardly have developed to where we are now. After all, we must eat, some old man who is … Read more

Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut, let’s discover the project that modernizes Bethesda’s game

Daggerfall Unity GOG Cut lets discover the project that

Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut is a project that aims to modernize the Bethesda classic to make it accessible to new generations. There are video games born on the amateur scene that manage to shine with their own light, eventually attracting the attention of the general public. In fact, beyond the noise and the glitter … Read more