A newly discovered fossil changes everything we knew about brain evolution

A newly discovered fossil changes everything we knew about brain

If there is one really special thing in the history of the Earth, it is that everything (really everything) can be called into question. A discovery is enough to change all the cards on the table, which has recently happened thanks to the discovery of the fossil of a tiny sea creature. A very small … Read more

Red wine and cures for Alzheimer’s, what science has discovered about this ‘odd couple’

Red wine and cures for Alzheimers what science has discovered

They have been saying for years that a glass of red wine a day is good for you: but what does it have to do with treatments for Alzheimer’s? Here are the revelations of a new study. The Wine it is a drink that if drunk in moderation it is good for health, and Research … Read more

Alzheimer’s: discovered two drinks that protect the brain

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Ingredients in two popular drinks may fight the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study Eugene Spagnuolo November 19th – Milan It is known that one of the hallmarks of the disease of Alzheimers – which affects 600,000 people in Italy alone – are the harmful plaques that accumulate in the brain. But … Read more

Fedez: «Pancreatic cancer discovered by chance. Gianluca Vialli helped me a lot “

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Fedez returns to talk about his illness by telling what are the consequences he still suffers after surgery for pancreatic cancer. “I live absolutely well today, even if I still have gastric and digestive problems. My pancreas, or rather what remains of it, no longer produces enough enzymes and I am forced to take them … Read more

Android, discovered (by accident) a trivial method to bypass the lock screen

A security researcher almost accidentally found a method to bypass the lock screen on some Google Pixel series smartphones working until last week. The method allowed anyone with physical access to a smartphone to unlock it through a simple five-step process that takes no more than a few minutes. The vulnerability was fixed with the … Read more

Fedez: «So I discovered my tumor. I talk about it so that others may feel less alone “

For decades it has been “the bad bad“. Fear, embarrassment, even shame were so great in front of the diagnosis of a tumor that people did not even say the name. And least of all there were faces known to the general public willing to tell about their illness. Today things have finally changed and … Read more

GF Vip, the former vip has discovered everything out of the house: red alert for the authors – Youbee Magazine

GF Vip the former vip has discovered everything out of

Big Brother Vip, the current edition in progress, the seventh to be exact, is offering exclusives and crazy exits, which are displacing not only Alfonso Signorini, his charismatic host, but also the public at home. And now a former participant ditches everything … After his exit from the Most spied house in Italy the woman … Read more

God of War Ragnarok: the director discovered he suffered from aphantasia during development

God of War Ragnarok the director discovered he suffered from

God of War Ragnarok offers various novelties for the saga and one of these is not directly related to the game. For example, the game got a new one director compared to the previous one: let’s talk about Eric Williams, who was interviewed by GameInformer. During the dialogue, the director also revealed a curiosity: during … Read more

Discovered a new dormant black hole, it is the closest to Earth ever observed to date

Discovered a new dormant black hole it is the closest

We followed certain routes diagonally into the Milky Way. And so the dormant black hole closest to Earth ever intercepted to date. The discovery is the work of the team led by the astrophysicist Kareem El-Badryresearcher at theHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in United States. And in a study recently published in the journal Monthly Notices … Read more

Killer asteroid discovered, it was hidden from sunlight. NASA: “It could have impact against the Earth”

Killer asteroid discovered it was hidden from sunlight NASA It

Asteroids – For a long time, the glow of the Sun hid a trio of space rocks that could pose a problem to the planet. Of the three asteroids recently discovered by astronomers, two are so massive that they have been described as “planet killers” – and one has the potential to traverse the orbit … Read more