Multiple sclerosis, the San Raffaele study on the new perspective of treatment with neuronal stem cells: “They slow down the disease”

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

The innovation of this study is represented by the use of a new advanced cell therapy based on neural stem cells never used before in patients with multiple sclerosis. These cells, unlike hematopoietic stem cells (used in relapsing remitting forms of disease but ineffective in progressive forms) and mesenchymal stem cells (which have not shown … Read more

Pancreatic cancer: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Gianluca Vialli’s disease

Pancreatic cancer symptoms diagnosis and treatment of Gianluca Viallis disease

It is a very dangerous type of cancer: only 10% of those affected are alive five years after diagnosis Gianluca Vialli fought for five years with the pancreatic cancer, it looked like he was able to surpass that in 2020, but unfortunately in the end the disease won out and snatched the beloved former footballer … Read more

Colon cancer: the symptoms of the disease that killed Pele, strange and unsuspected –

Colon cancer the symptoms of the disease that killed Pele

Colon cancer, when prevention is the best weapon at our disposal. Prevention is paying attention to the symptoms of the disease, some of which are unsuspected. Which? At a time when our worries are absorbed by the economic crisis and the continuous rises in bills, mortgages, fuel, basic necessities, we fatally forget to safeguard our … Read more

Paola Caruso discharged from hospital: “I need rest”. What disease does his son Michele have? The details that have not escaped the fans

Paula Caruso she was discharged after hospitalization. «Finally home with my love». She let her fans know on Instagram. The showgirl had a psychophysical breakdown after discovering that her son Michele was ill. «I never recovered from Michele’s misfortune, my body suffered too great a trauma. I tried to be strong for my son who … Read more

Eating disorders, the role of social media: “Comparison with ideal models increases the risk of disease. Girls compare weight and size to those of influencers” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

You too have noticed it and many of you have told us about your experiences: clothes are increasingly skimpy. Over the past few weeks, we at FqMagazine we have analyzed the phenomenon, trying to explain why this happens and how it is possible that the sizes shown on the clothes tags refer to measurements that … Read more

Pelé and colon cancer: symptoms, causes, treatments and life expectancy of the disease that killed O Rey

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

Pele failed to win his fight against the colon cancer. The health conditions of O Rei, admitted to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, drastically improved when the Brazilian champion was diagnosed with “renal and cardiac dysfunction”. Pelé had been operated on for colon cancer a year ago. In recent days, the Folha newspaper … Read more

Gout, the “disease of kings” returns to Britain, causing joint pain and inflammation. Here’s what it is and how to prevent it

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Gout, the disease of kings, is spreading again in Great Britain, marking an increase in cases with over 1.5 million patients affected. British doctors are sounding the alarm, pointing the finger at a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet rich in meat and alcohol. But what is gout? What can you do to prevent it … Read more

Valentina Vignali, the disease and routine checks of cancer patients

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Cestita had thyroid cancer 13 years ago and on social media she showed her many followers what life is like for those who have been sick with cancer and what checks they must undergo Valentina Vignali she is a basketball player, but also a TV personality and an influencer who knows how to use her … Read more

Negramaro, the member of the group affected by the disease: “A cerebral aneurysm…” –

Negramaro the member of the group affected by the disease

Terrible moments for Negramaro fans due to the brain aneurysm that struck the famous member of the band. Despite the many years that have passed since its debut on the small screen, Live Life continues to record excellent ratings and still represents a real flagship in the Rai programming. Viewers who are a few years … Read more

Pancreatic cancer, symptoms and treatment of the disease that struck Gianluca Vialli – newsby

Pancreatic cancer symptoms and treatment of the disease that struck

GIANLUCA VIALLI -NEWSBY- Often the private lives of VIPs turn the spotlight on important issues, such as bad diseases. As happened with Fedez last spring, when she announced to everyone that she urgently had to go under the knife for having discovered that she had a rare pancreatic tumor. Or Gianluca Vialli who has been … Read more