Pneumococcal fulminant meningitis like little Christian: what it is and what other diseases it causes

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The 15-month-old boy died of a Streptococcus pneumoniae infection. In addition to meningitis, it can cause many other diseases Everyone was struck by the story of the little one Christian Lozovyywho died at just 15 months of a bacterial meningitis. Son of two parents of Ukrainian origin, Olesya Stavchanska and Nazariy Lozovyy, who had lived … Read more

Risking your life to cook a chicken: how to avoid sepsis and other diseases in the kitchen

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A chicken soup, even if well cooked, risked being fatal to her. The story is told by Tereza, a young sporty and dynamic woman who found herself in the space of a few days from the spell of Bali to fight in the hospital against sepsis, due to an infection that was suddenly dragging her … Read more

An app for skin diseases and to understand if the red dots are serious

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It’s called Dermatology Assist and it’s an app launched by Google to recognize 288 diseases affecting skin, hair and nails. The patient can upload a photo and answer a few questions and the doctor can use it to discover malignant lesions and improve therapies. It is not a question of undermining the dermatologist from his … Read more

Covid and occupational diseases? Here’s what’s going on

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Workers will be able to be recognized for occupational disease due to virus (and therefore including Covid) even if the infectious event cannot be demonstrated in the workplace. The novelty comes with sentence no. 29435 of 10 October 2022 in which the supreme Court of Cassation it ruled on the appeal of an employee of … Read more

Cardiovascular diseases: finally INPS disability even for these new and very common, everything changes

Cardiovascular diseases finally INPS disability even for these new and

Cardiovascular diseases should never be underestimated because they are insidious diseases that are still the leading cause of death today. Certainly great strides have been made in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and yet their impact on people’s health is still tremendous today. Ilovetrading But let’s see the news of the INPS with regard to … Read more

Cardiovascular diseases, teleconsultations at the start The prevention campaign is triggered in Lodi

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People interested in personal advice can book a meeting on the Zoom platform with the hospital’s vascular surgeon Cardiovascular diseases, way to prevention also in the Lodi area. On the occasion of World Heart Day, which is celebrated on 29 September, it promotes an individual teleconsultation for all interested patients. It will be managed by … Read more

The 10 winners of research projects for the study of rare genetic diseases

from Chronicles editing The Spring Seed Grant call, now in its fourth edition, is giving away 500 thousand euros to start a research path on poorly studied topics Announced by Telethon Foundation the winners of the Spring Seed Grant 2022, now in its fourth edition to help associations of patients with rare genetic diseases to … Read more

Cardiovascular diseases: (H) Open Week dedicated to women over 40

Cardiovascular diseases H Open Week dedicated to women over 40

CREAM – On the occasion of World Heart Daywhich is celebrated on September 29, Wave FoundationNational Observatory on Women’s and Gender Health, organizes the (H) Open Week dedicated to cardiovascular diseases from 26 September to 2 October with the aim of promoting information, prevention and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, with a particular focus on … Read more

Child Jesus, the right of parents to choose if incurable diseases – Health & Wellness

Child Jesus the right of parents to choose if incurable

Parents of a sick child who is unable to recover “have the right to choose. It cannot be a law that imposes on them, for substantially economic reasons, that their child can no longer live “. Mariella said this. Enoc, president of the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospitalspeaking at the conference “The child with incurable disease. … Read more