Antonella Clerici earthquake in It’s always noon | That’s why he doesn’t taste the dishes –

Antonella Clerici earthquake in Its always noon Thats why

Media spotlight focused on Antonella Clerici, given that the public noticed a small gesture that is no longer made by the presenter… Clerici, in fact, no longer tastes the dishes at It’s always noon! It was the early 2000s when Antonella Clerici she started her journey in the world of cooking, engaged in the cooking … Read more

Christmas lunch, holiday dinners and cholesterol: the tricks to not give up delicious dishes

Christmas lunch holiday dinners and cholesterol the tricks to not

We are now in full festive atmosphere and Christmas lunch is really close. We can treat ourselves to treats while also keeping ourselves healthy. We know that for keep calories, blood sugar and cholesterol at bay we must adopt a healthy and light diet. During the partieshowever, it really is hard. InformationToday There are really … Read more