Eating disorders, the role of social media: “Comparison with ideal models increases the risk of disease. Girls compare weight and size to those of influencers” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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You too have noticed it and many of you have told us about your experiences: clothes are increasingly skimpy. Over the past few weeks, we at FqMagazine we have analyzed the phenomenon, trying to explain why this happens and how it is possible that the sizes shown on the clothes tags refer to measurements that … Read more

Long Covid: what has it taught us? Clinical disorders and manifestations

Long Covid what has it taught us Clinical disorders and

Over the last few months there have been numerous cases of people who, after recovering from Covid-19, have found the continuation of different health problems, even after some time. In many cases, these are disorders that can prevent the person who suffers from returning to a normal daily life. A condition that is defined as … Read more

Franco Berrino: «Diet (and fasting) to combat stress and intestinal disorders»

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The stress it is a splendid defense mechanism of the organism. As soon as we notice danger, we activate the nervous system very quickly autonomic sympathetic, which accelerates heart and breathing to be able to carry oxygen to the muscles in case you have to run away or fight, increases blood pressure, commands the liver … Read more

Covid, even serious disorders after two years: beware of these symptoms

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A new study conducted by the University of Oxford and the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) of the Oxford Health Biomedical Research Center, has confirmed that patients who have had Covid are more vulnerable, in two years following infection, to develop type diseases neurological And psychiatric. This is a very important research, … Read more

On TikTok you can talk about mental disorders like never before

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“I was too honest with my psychiatrist”, it says in the @tinymoor video: around her, the typical furniture of a single room in a psychiatric clinic. It is the concretization, or rather, the bad end, of meme “Trying to be honest with my therapist but not so honest that I get involuntarily hospitalized”. Only this … Read more

Pizza and gastrointestinal disorders, how to avoid them

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There are increasing numbers of people complaining of gastrointestinal disorders following a night out and, above all, having eaten a nice pizza. Symptoms in question are bloating, flatulence, broken stools and digestive upset. In almost all the diets I make, pizza is present on Saturday evening, perhaps accompanied by a portion of raw vegetables or … Read more

“We are looking for girls with eating disorders”: the casting shock and the denunciation of Maruska Albertazzi

from Carlotta Lombardo The message posted on social media by the manager of a well-known television production company. And the director, activist of the Fiocchetto Lilla movement, denounces: incitement to eating disorders. Mediaset: we have nothing to do with it. The post has been removed For a well-known television broadcast we are looking for girls … Read more

200 thousand gardenia plants in the streets against this disease that would cause serious disorders to the brain, spinal cord and nervous system

It is a disease that affects the central nervous system due to the loss of myelin by the nerve fibers. This leads to the formation of plaques that could cause chronic inflammation that especially young women suffer from. It is called sclerosis, because when the disease becomes chronic, the lesions take on a scar-like appearance. … Read more

The stomach that always rumbles even in the absence of hunger and after eating could be the indicator of these disorders

Everyone hears their stomach rumbling and sometimes quite loud. Not infrequently this can also cause us a certain embarrassment. Several times it happens, needless to do it on purpose, that his mumbling occurs in public and that he goes to break a moment of silence. However unpleasant this may be, it would often be completely … Read more