The disturbing smile of the Sun, the Earth trembles: the storm arrives

The disturbing smile of the Sun the Earth trembles the

Three coronal holes on the Sun to form a mocking grin. Unequivocal signs of an expulsion of solar winds towards our planet. A spectacular and disturbing photo at the same time. In the past it was a rather frequent combination, able to mark the uniqueness of some moments and the drama of others. Photo: Canva … Read more

Food alarm, there is a disturbing list: the foods most at risk of intoxication

Food alarm there is a disturbing list the foods most

With the development of new technologies for food production and distribution, food has also changed. Let’s see together what are the 9 most dangerous foods for food poisoning. Nowadays there are more than in the world 250 types of food poisoningwhich manifest themselves with various symptoms food The list of risky foods: intoxication alarm … Read more

Have you been infected with Covid? What can happen to you soon: the disturbing study

Have you been infected with Covid What can happen to

Sleep disturbances, depression and anxiety attacks. Long Covid, especially after Omicron, has devastating effects. And the cases increase. The pandemic has not yet been completely eradicated. And even if life seems to have resumed normalcy interrupted at the beginning of 2020, the waste from Covid and its variants still weighs on our lives. adobe There … Read more

Often the serial killers are of these zodiac signs: the background is really disturbing

Often the serial killers are of these zodiac signs the

After a myriad of thriller films, recognizing the serial killer is easy, but what if he is one of these zodiac signs? Now everything is connected The Zodiac sign is a real revelation about the personality of a person. He tells us a lot about his way of being and doing. And although external conditions … Read more

EMA blocks the sale of these drugs, the reason in the release is disturbing

EMA blocks the sale of these drugs the reason in

Just yesterday, the news came that the Safety Committee of the EMA strongly wants to block the authorization of an anti-obesity drug in the EU market. It is about medicines based on a substance, theamfepramoneconsidered to have a high addictive power. Adobe Stock But let’s try to better understand how the EMA does not want … Read more

The origin of the disturbing mystery of the ‘door of the aliens’ discovered on Mars revealed

It has been just a handful of days since the Curiosity rover’s camera has immortalized an image that has caused a lot of discussion on the web, leaving the most stunned. On the red planet, in fact, it was discovered a hole in the shape of a perfectly carved door. Today we will find out … Read more