Covid, “no to free all”. Pro restrictions doctors are back – Claudio Romiti

“By now we know that we have to live with Covid but to do this we need constant caution and respect for precautions. Instead the ‘free everyone’, with the abolition of many anti-coronavirus measures is creating problems, and if so far we were talking about winter or autumn waves, these days we have clear evidence … Read more

‘Nurses will be substitutes for family doctors’, storm over Moratti

“The nurses they will also play a role in primary care, offering support and substitute to address the shortage of general practitioners. An experiment “is” underway at some Asst “and” will be evaluated. “These are the words contained exactly in a passage of the speech that the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the … Read more

Monkey pox, doctors alarm: “Summer festivals are super diffusers”

As of May 26, the overall confirmed cases of monkeypox there were 257 and about 120 suspected ones. But “the situation is evolving rapidly” and the World Health Organization predicts that identified cases “will increase as surveillance expands to non-endemic countries, as well as to countries known to be endemic that have not reported cases … Read more

Rome, at Ifo 89 bad guys of the badge: investigated doctors and nurses

There are those who during working hours, while cancer patients were waiting to be examined, went shopping, to repair the car at the mechanic, to shop at the supermarket or a quiet trip to the sea. There are even those who had a second job instead of staying in the ward. A maxi investigation by … Read more

Silent epidemic in Italy affecting children, teenagers and very young people, alarm launched by doctors

Silent epidemic in Italy affecting children teenagers and very young

After two years, we still read the numbers of Covid victims today. A “count” that has become a disturbing routine. Since the virus SARS-CoV-2 entered the lives of the inhabitants of the whole world, many things have changed. And not only a health level. The current economic crisis is affected precisely by the effects of … Read more

17,000 doctors in the world: lift the health emergency!

Global COVID Summit, May 11, 2022 (1): 17,000 doctors and medical researchers from around the world declare that the state of health emergency must be lifted, scientific integrity restored and crimes against humanity prosecuted. We, the doctors and medical researchers of the world, united through our loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath, recognize that the disastrous … Read more

Free heart screenings, over 70 doctors available to citizens: where and when

FALCONARA – After a two-year break, the health prevention initiatives organized in memory of the volleyball player Gianfranco Badiali by the Amici dello Sport Group in collaboration with the Municipality of Falconara are back. So much enthusiasm and great support for the “Do you have your heart at heart?” Campaign, which from 17 to 21 … Read more

Veneto, specializing as family doctors. “It’s a necessity, they’ll have a tutor.” Salaries, clients, differences

Would you be treated by a doctor, that is, by a medical graduate who does not yet have a specialization? Would you accept him as a family doctor or in the emergency room? In any case, would he work for free as a trainee since he is specializing or would he be paid? These questions … Read more

First level diagnostics for family doctors and pediatricians. After 2 years of blackout, the process starts again. Here is the new decree with the allocation of the 235 million

by LF A new version of the implementing provision of the measure contained in the Maneuver 2020 which will now be submitted to the Regions to make fully operational the possibility of equipping Community Homes and offices of family doctors and pediatricians with devices such as ECG, spirometer, Eco fast. THE TEXT 02 MAY – … Read more