EU battle on the roof over the price of gas. In Germany, a 200 billion dollar plan. Draghi: “Forward united”

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

from Francesca Basso Many EU states are opposed to the Commission’s proposal on a price cap for Russian methane used to produce electricity. Italy among the 15 who ask for a generalized ceiling FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTBRUSSELS – Tomorrow’s Extraordinary Energy Council, the third since July, promises to be tense. Many Member States did not like … Read more

The euro slips to the lowest levels in 20 years against the dollar – Economy

The euro slips to new 20-year lows against the dollar: the single European currency reached $ 0.9809, a level not seen since December 2002, before recovering to 0.9864. The new three-quarter point hike decided yesterday by the Fed and expectations of subsequent hikes weigh heavily. The European currency is suffering from the economic impact of … Read more

European stock exchanges try to rebound, the euro remains at a 20-year low against the dollar

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – The European stock exchanges they try the rebound after the slide on the eve, with fears for recession And inflation which continue to hold their ground, while oil rises to 100 euros and the euro has remained at its lowest level … Read more

The Dollar King and his Page: the Euro – The Euro, an act of stupid pride

The Dollar King and his Page the Euro The

Guido Salerno Aletta Columnist of the Teleborsa Agency The euro, an act of stupid pride That ofEUR it is a history, both ancient and recent, studded with errors. And the ECBCentral bank without history and without culture, at the helm of a currency without a state, he is collecting catastrophic ones, one after the other. … Read more

Black Monday, Putin Speech, Dollar – What’s Happening in the Markets By

Black Monday Putin Speech Dollar Whats Happening in the

© Reuters By Geoffrey Smith – The Fed’s cycle of interest rate hikes is doing well for the dollar, now the highest in 20 years, and less for other sectors. In Moscow, Putin celebrated the “Victory Day” parade in World War II. The stock exchanges, meanwhile, continue a May marked by sell orders, with … Read more

The spread widens further (190), yields on ten-year BTPs at 2.86%. The dollar “sniffs” parity with the euro – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The spread widens further 190 yields on ten year BTPs at

The spread, the yield differential between an Italian ten-year government bond and the German equivalent, which is now close to 190 points, closes up again. A 10-year BTP pays 2.86% today, or 08% more than yesterday. Especially almost 0.8% more than a month ago and 1.9% more than a year ago. Yields rose today across … Read more