Ilary Blasi confesses “It’s humiliating…”. Words that do not leave much doubt about the separation with Totti

Ilary Blasi confesses Its humiliating… Words that do not leave

Ilary Blasi confessed some particularly private and personal issues about the marriage with the now ex-husband Francesco Totti and leave us to reflect. Many are waiting for the two protagonists of the story to decide to speak openly and tell their version, so far there have been many to have their say on the separation … Read more

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu? The reaction that leaves no doubt

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu The reaction that leaves

Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino made sparks at TIM Summer Hits. It seems, however, that Belen Rodriguez is not a fan of her colleague nor does she appreciate her closeness to her former dancer and current partner. Belen Rodriguez she is a passionate woman and, by her own admission, quite jealous. The showgirl, after … Read more

LIVE READINGS – Spalletti: “Future? No doubt! Disappointment does not cloud the Champions goal and the teams behind! ADL? Sensitivity and stimuli. About Meret …”

LIVE READINGS Spalletti Future No doubt Disappointment does not

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti will speak at 3 pm in a press conference on the eve of the match against Sassuolo On the eve of the home match against Sassuolo, the Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti he will speak at 3 pm in a press conference from the Castel Volturno technical center about the match against … Read more