Beware of the EuroCoin scam with the faces of Draghi and Meloni

20 A new he consvery aggressive, is circulating on the Web: it starts from a Facebook adwhich leads to a article on LinkedInwhich leads to a website which, most likely, it would be better never to visit. This is a themed scam cryptocurrenciesbased on a long series of lies and on the exploitation of the … Read more

Governo Meloni, le ultime news. La premier si insedia, primo Cdm: “Uniti per emergenze del Paese. Tocca a noi”. Draghi lascia Chigi tra gli applausi dei dipendenti

Governo Meloni le ultime news La premier si insedia primo

“Si sente?” chiede Giorgia Meloni mentre emozionata e sorridente scuote la campanella appena ricevuta dalle mani di Mario Draghi formalizzando così il passaggio delle consegne. La leader di FdI si insedia a Palazzo Chigi, pronta a presiedere il primo Consiglio dei ministri del suo governo in cui è stato formalizzato il ruolo di vicepremier ai ministri Antonio Tajani … Read more

Draghi in Europe closes as he had started: with a slap in the face of Germany

Ansia stress disagio psicologico in 7 anni casi quadruplicati A

The farewell of Mario Draghi to the European leaders meeting at the Council which ended today it was not a “politically correct” speech, but one in which the results that the premier believes he had obtained even as a resigner on the front of the fight against the energy crisis were reiterated. Yesterday, in his … Read more

Draghi calls Paola Egonu: “Pride of Italian sport”

Draghi calls Paola Egonu Pride of Italian sport

“Full solidarity with the volleyball champion Paola Egonu by the Prime Minister Mario Dragons in the phone call this morning. The Italian athlete is a pride of Italian sport, he will have future opportunities to win other trophies wearing the national team jersey. “Palazzo Chigi writes in a tweet, giving news of the prime minister’s … Read more

EU battle on the roof over the price of gas. In Germany, a 200 billion dollar plan. Draghi: “Forward united”

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

from Francesca Basso Many EU states are opposed to the Commission’s proposal on a price cap for Russian methane used to produce electricity. Italy among the 15 who ask for a generalized ceiling FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTBRUSSELS – Tomorrow’s Extraordinary Energy Council, the third since July, promises to be tense. Many Member States did not like … Read more

The White House on the vote in Italy: «Impatient to work with any government. Thanks Draghi ». Truss wishes: “United for Ukraine”

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

“We are looking forward to work with any government that comes out of the Italian elections to advance our common values ​​». From the US comes the first comment on the Italian political elections which saw the center-right coalition obtain a clear victory at the polls. The spokesman for the State Department declared cooperation intentions … Read more

Draghi: «I’m back at Palazzo Chigi? No. There are those who secretly talk to the Russians “

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

from Marco Galluzzo Draghi at the press conference after the Council of Ministers: sanctions work, I do not agree with Salvini on this “Italian democracy is strong, it does not let itself be beaten by external enemies, by their hired puppets. We must be confident in our democracy, we must not be afraid of any … Read more

“No gas and oil for the EU”. America dumps us, did Draghi thank Blinken?

Each man has his priorities. Governments too. That of the Italian executive seems to be obtaining clarifications from the US on the phantom 300 million Russians to destabilize the foreign governments that the 007s overseas would have traced in the last eight years. Coincidentally, communicating its existence 12 days from a legislative face in Italy. … Read more

Guerra Russia-Ucraina, il Papa: imploro la pace, guerra folle. Draghi a Zelensky: pieno appoggio a Kiev. Borrell: gli introiti da idrocarburi della Russia caduti del 18%

Guerra Russia Ucraina il Papa imploro la pace guerra folle Draghi

Sono passati 202 giorni dall’inizio dell’invasione russa in Ucraina. Continua la controffensiva di Kiev, con le forze di difesa che hanno riconquistato circa 6mila chilometri quadrati di territorio, secondo quanto affermato dal viceministro della Difesa ucraina, Hanna Malyar. Mosca, per contro, contrattacca nei territori persi, come a Kharkiv, mentre gli Stati Uniti sostengono che molti soldati russi in ritirata … Read more

Volleyball: the Azzurri from Mattarella and then from Draghi. The Head of State: ‘Unforgettable Night’ – Volleyball

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

“World champions! Most affectionate, intense and heartfelt congratulations. It was an unforgettable evening”. The President of the Republic said so Sergio Mattarella from the Quirinale where he met the national volleyball team. “We are a national team at the top of the world, with an average age of 24, never anyone like us, only the … Read more