Smartphone, there is a way to preserve the battery: so it does not drain anymore

Smartphone there is a way to preserve the battery so

However beautiful it may be aesthetically, functional to our needs or simply fashionable, any smartphone must have at least one indisputable quality: a battery up to the occasion. All mobile phone manufacturers are improving the performance of one battery which by now must last at least a day, but the excessive use of smartphones does … Read more

Mortgages, in Milan it is a drain: how does the installment change for the purchase of a house of 80 or 100 square meters

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from Gino Pagliuca Since January, the cost of borrowing has increased by two points. For a 100-meter apartment, it ranges from 672 euros per month for Gratosoglio to 1,343 euros in Porta Volta. For a solution of 80 meters the oscillation between 385 and 856 euros. Difficult loan for young people, but less than a … Read more

Here’s how to avoid the drain on spending and fuel

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L’inflation year-over-year, in May, it was calculated at 6.8% and rose by one additional 1.2% during the month of June. These numbers, estimated by Istat, show that compared to a year ago, inflation has risen by8%. Also according to the National Institute of Statistics (Istat), in April, the turnover of the Italian industry increased by … Read more