Iran, drones on a defense factory. WSJ: “Israel Attack.” Tehran: “They won’t stop us from developing nuclear power” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Iran drones on a defense factory WSJ Israel Attack Tehran

Drones that they explode in the heart of the country, in Isfahan, hitting a military “laboratory” and responsibility for the attack still uncertain, among newspapers accusing Israel, others pointing the finger at the United States and those who instead say that unmanned aircraft are parties from inside Iranian territory. Iran, overwhelmed by protests for months … Read more

Shoigu inspects Russian positions and Israel helps Kiev defend against Iranian drones

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The conflict is a set of frameworks: weapons, covert coups, diplomacy. Linked elements and extended branches as told by today’s notebook ranging from the Russian war council to Ukrainian cluster bombs | The military point | 306 The conflict a set of paintings: weapons, covert coups, diplomacy. Concatenated elements and extended branches as he recounts … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Moscow: “No truce at Christmas and New Year. US Patriot missiles are legitimate targets”. Russian drones over Kiev

Ukraine Russia war news today Moscow No truce at

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will send security missions to all Ukrainian nuclear power plants. This was announced by director general Rafael Grossi, following a meeting with the Ukrainian premier, Denys Shmyhal. Putin has bilateral talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jingping on the agenda which will take place by the end of the … Read more

The role of Iranian drones in Putin’s campaign of terror

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The Mujahideen Khalq (Mek), a movement of opponents of the mullahs’ regime, have drawn up a report with some important details: at least 8 industries involved, some operate under the “civil” label Revelations In recent weeks a part of the “mission” has been led by drones with explosive warheads, transformed into “kamikaze”. A good number … Read more

Amazon, historic declines over the weekend for Sony WH-1000XM5 (-26%), Apple Watch 8, Google Pixel 7, DJI drones (-42%), Xiaomi, mice, laptops, SSDs and much more

1666472257 Amazon historic declines over the weekend for Sony WH 1000XM5 26

Great price for the new ones Sony WH-1000XM5, reference wireless headphones for Noise Canceling. Super price for both color Black than for the White. These headphones they had never dropped below 359 euros! Interesting discount also for the True Wireless WF-C500. Interesting price immediately for … Read more

Iran’s help to Putin, special troops in Ukraine to strike Shahed-136 with drones

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“A few years ago, when images of advanced missiles and drones were published, they said they were photoshoped. Now they say Iranian drones are dangerous and ask why we sell them to this or that. These feats were accomplished by the Iranian elites, bring honor to our country ». So he expressed himself, come on … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Electricity rationed throughout the country. Towards new sanctions against Iran for drones

Ukraine Russia news from the war today Electricity rationed

From today Ukraine will have to live with restrictions on the use of electricity. The measurements were taken at 7 (6 am Italian time). And there are already problems with the Internet. It is the effect of the numerous Russian attacks on Ukrainian power plants and infrastructure. “They want to crack down on our resistance”, … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Evacuation of civilians began in Kherson. EU Council towards sanctions against Iran for drones against Russia

Ukraine Russia news from the war today Evacuation of

Russian raids relentlessly on Ukraine. A third of the country remained in the dark due to the bombs that fell on power plants, blackout in a thousand cities. Meanwhile, Moscow is relaunching the offensive on Kharkiv. While a Kherson the evacuation of civilians begins. And the head of Moscow operations in Ukraine, Sergei Surovkin, warns: … Read more

Drones over Kiev, at least 8 dead. White House: Russia will answer for its “war crimes”

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from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Andrea Nicastro, Marta Serafini, Online and Foreign Editors The news of Tuesday 18 October, live. The death toll rises to 13 after the crash of a Russian military jet near the Ukrainian border • The war in Ukraine has reached the 236th day• The Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry … Read more

War in Ukraine, live. Putin: «Mobilization completed in 2 weeks. Kiev: Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia with drones

8 hours ago Kiev: Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia with kamikaze drones Zaporizhzhia city council secretary Anatoly Kurtev said the Russians attacked the city with kamikaze drones in the evening, causing damage to infrastructure. Ukrainska Pravda reports it. Kurtev specified that the infrastructure structures were damaged following the attack and a fire broke out at the … Read more