This common drug has miraculous effects on cancer: one latest research considers it a powerful help

This common drug has miraculous effects on cancer one latest

Another exciting piece of good news comes from the world of research and health: a very famous drug can prevent cancer. It is a medicine that we take for almost everything and which is not nearly as harmless as it may seem. In fact, it would decrease cancer death by 50%. Canva Photo We are … Read more

Vitamin D and drug interaction: Best not to take it if you are taking any of these 13 medicines

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

If you are taking vitamin D supplements, you should beware of these medications as they may interact with them. Let’s see which ones. How to store avocado There vitamin D it is a fundamental nutrient for maintaining the health of our bones, this is because our body can absorb the soccer, the main component of … Read more

A hope for ALS patients: a drug that slows down and sometimes regresses the disease has been tested in Turin

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

There is a first hope for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) after today, Thursday 22 September 2022, in the world’s most prestigious scientific journal in the medical field, the New England Journal of Medicine, the results of the international study on Tofersen have been published, which demonstrated a … Read more

Beware of this drug | The consequences can be dire: doctors alert

Beware of this drug The consequences can be dire

Taking a drug can be considered almost normal when you know you have a problem to solve. In fact, you should never do this without first consulting your doctor. The decision to take a drug or not can depend on several factors, including your level of pain tolerance. It is precisely for this reason that … Read more

Angie J weighed 300 kg and had relapsed into drug addiction. Vite al Limite did not end well

Angie J weighed 300 kg and had relapsed into drug

Angie J’s was one of the hardest paths that Dr. Now has had in his hands, it didn’t end well for the woman. One of the toughest routes we saw in Vite al Limite was precisely that of Angela Marie Dunham-Johnsthe woman decided to participate in the program and put herself in the hands of … Read more

Heart attack, the sponge protein that cleans the arteries of the heart: here is the new drug to reduce the risk

A new protein “sponge“could be the key to reducing the risk of heart attack, as it would be able to clean the arteries of the heart from excess cholesterol avoiding the formation of dangerous plaques. Research affirms this Aegis-II, promoted by Harvard Medical School of Boston in United States who is studying apolipoprotein apoA-I: a … Read more

These drug used to treat cholesterol and heart could have serious health consequences

These drug used to treat cholesterol and heart could have

This drug used to lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular problems, has side effects that could have serious health consequences. These are statins, they would be a remedy against cholesterol remembering that the formation of plaques in the arteries causes heart attacks. They must be taken for life. Photo Canva First used in 1987, statins are … Read more

Er Patata, the drug trail and the yellow of the latest chats: we investigate to understand who bought the drugs from

“The last time I saw him was a couple of days ago: up the stairs with the little girl who was running and he was saying wait, I can’t do it, he always stopped for a greeting, a joke, only a few nights ago I saw a movie in which he was on TV, I … Read more

Ibuprofen drug: widely used anti-inflammatory but could pose serious health risks

Ibuprofen drug widely used anti inflammatory but could pose serious health

Ibuprofen has a correlation with chronic back pain. The latest scientific research has revealed an association that scares citizens. Ibuprofen-based anti-inflammatory drugs have long-term consequences for back pain and other problems. Pixabay Drug research sometimes leads to surprising results. Treating one malaise to cause another – or more than one – is not desirable for … Read more

Do not use this drug and return it to the pharmacy immediately | The danger is high according to Aifa

Do not use this drug and return it to the

It is indicated to treat severe infections. But the Italian Medicines Agency intervened to stem the dangers. Drugs have been withdrawn from the market in recent weeks. The Medicines Agency, in fact, is always very attentive to everyone’s health. In this case, some batches of a well-known drug have been withdrawn. Here’s what it is. … Read more