Insomnia, an increasingly widespread problem: a new drug promises more effective solutions

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Insomnia is a discomfort for millions of Italians, in fact, according to estimates, 20% of the population suffers from it. But there is a new cure. Today those who suffer from this serious condition, which undermines the quality of life, will have more hope thanks to Research. InformationToday By insomnia, in fact, we obviously do … Read more

Drug shortage. Palù (Aifa): “There is no real alarm”. Anti Covid vaccines: “60-70% over 60 did not receive the fourth dose, it is good that he does”

“The fourth dose is not only 90% effective in preventing mortality but also in limiting the spread of the virus”, recalled the president Aifa speaking to SkyTg24. As for the shortage of medicines: “The shortage is an objective fact, but Italy is one step ahead of the others. There is no real alarm, also because … Read more

Minister Schillaci launches checks on drug shortages – Health & Wellness

Minister Schillaci launches checks on drug shortages Health

A permanent working table, checks and measures to stop the shortage of medicines. This is the response of the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci to a problem “which has reached levels never seen even in the midst of the Covid emergency” according to the distributors. Over 3,000 specialties are temporarily missing, including many in common … Read more

Alzheimer’s, a new drug approved in the US: but does it really work? And is it safe?

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Of Christine Brown Leqembi, a monoclonal antibody, receives accelerated FDA approval: it reduces amyloid plaques in the brain, but raises questions about the important side effects. The expert: The clinical benefits are modest The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). granted expedited approval for a new drug for Alzheimer’sthe Leqembi (lecanemab-irmb). The drug, a monoclonal … Read more

Covid, the race for an “Italian” drug, the Udca, is starting in China

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Sometimes history reverses its direction in a paradoxical way. Three years ago the China forbade the export of its immense production of pharmaceutical productsjust when Europe and Italy were overwhelmed with the utmost violence by first wave of Covid19. In recent weeks, however, the opposite plot is unfolding: for the first time pandemic panic hits … Read more

Diabetes, is it true that the drug metformin can cause harm to the body?

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Of Frank Gregory a widely tested drug, of natural origin, useful, effective and safe, which also protects against cardiovascular risks I have type 2 diabetes and I take metformin: is it true that this drug can damage the whole body, as I read on the internet? He answers Frank GregoryHead of Diabetology Service of Jesi … Read more

Does the drug that slows Alzheimer’s really work? And is it safe? What do we know

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from Christine Brown The monoclonal antibody lecanemab also reduces amyloid plaques in the brain but raises questions about the important side effects. The expert: The clinical benefits are modest There is a new drug, a monoclonal antibody baptized lecanemab which promises to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease if taken in the early stage, i.e. … Read more

Alzheimer’s drug slows cognitive decline “Epochal turning point, disease could be curable”

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Researchers have hailed the dawn of a new era of therapies forAlzheimers after a clinical study confirmed that a drug slows cognitive decline in patients with early stages of the disease. The achievement comes after decades of failure in the field and has emboldened experts to say Alzheimer’s, which affects 30 million people worldwide, could … Read more

Prostate cancer, in Great Britain go-ahead to the drug that extends life expectancy by a third

Prostate cancer – Approximately 9,000 men affected by one of the most advanced forms of prostate cancer will benefit from a new drug which extends life. It happens in Great Britain where the NHS will become the first healthcare provider in Europe to distribute the darolutamide to patients whose prostate cancer has spread to other … Read more

Most expensive drug in the world, what it is for and how much it costs

A drug capable of being able to cure one rare genetic disease but paying Millions of dollars. Hemgenix is a latest generation drug, approved on November 22 by the fda (Food and drug administration), the US regulatory agency, produced by the pharmaceutical company CSL Behring. The drug is the result of long years of research … Read more