How much does Tiziano Ferro earn? The dizzying figures of the guest singer at Verissimo

How much does Tiziano Ferro earn The dizzying figures of

Tiziano Ferro is an artist loved in Italy and abroad for his songs full of reflections and feelings. His life is a rainbow of colors, ready to discover them? Talking about Tiziano Ferro means exploring a life with a thousand facets. Earnings, troubles with the tax authorities, depression, fatherhood, his songs. Web An unmistakable voice, … Read more

Could Xbox give in on Call of Duty exclusivity to earn a mobile store?

Could Xbox give in on Call of Duty exclusivity to

The clash between Microsoft and Sony regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard it is well known to all and many will also know that the situation is becoming complicated now that the CMA – the UK regulator – is investigating the matter. However, the focus of online discussions is not the acquisition in its entirety, … Read more

Nokia, if you still keep this (old) model, you will earn 2000 euros

Nokia if you still keep this old model you will

There is a Nokia mobile that allows you to earn up to 2,000 euros, a model that has certainly not gone unnoticed over time. Nokia 3310 value – The smartphone of the latest generation are at the forefront and allow you to do anything, both from a completely professional and personal point of view. … Read more

Fortnite Rescue Reboot: Call friends to the rescue and earn in-game rewards together!

Fortnite Rescue Reboot Call friends to the rescue and earn

Gather the team, we go to the rescue! During Reboot upon collection, gather your friends who haven’t played Fortnite for a while (or just started playing in Chapter 3 – Season 4) and show them what’s new for the season. As you complete the Reboot to Rescue tasks and bonus objectivesyou and friends, new or … Read more

Find immediately these 2 euros with the eagle and earn € 1,499: PHOTOS

Find immediately these 2 euros with the eagle and earn

Finding a 2 euro coin with an eagle and earning a very important figure: is it possible? The questions posed by numismatic collecting are always exciting. Also because the number of coins produced since the arrival of the Euro, and which pass through our hands and our pockets, thanks to the free movement of people … Read more

The BTP yields more than 3.5%, how to earn with the jump in interest (but beware of the risks)

Relatively quickly, the yield of the ten-year BTP has reached interesting values ​​for those who have assets and would like, at least in part, to invest them. The BTP rate on Monday 13 June in fact exceeded the 4% threshold and closed at 4.1%, at levels not seen since December 2013.The first thought goes to … Read more

If you have this very famous book at home, you can earn over 2 thousand euros

Even if you are not a rare book collector, you may have a very famous novel in your personal library that you can resell for money. more than 2 thousand euros. The volume in question is none other than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stonethe first chapter of the saga of the most famous magician … Read more

Milan, stadium and “earn out”: the reasons why Elliott chose Red Bird

The fund managed by Gerry Cardinale accepted all the Singers’ requests: thus it beat the InvestCorp competition Net of some questions that still remain unanswered, relating for example to the purchase methodsthe certainty is that the Milan will pass, unless sensational and unexpected reversals, in the hands of Red Bird. But how did it go … Read more