Antonella Clerici earthquake in It’s always noon | That’s why he doesn’t taste the dishes –

Antonella Clerici earthquake in Its always noon Thats why

Media spotlight focused on Antonella Clerici, given that the public noticed a small gesture that is no longer made by the presenter… Clerici, in fact, no longer tastes the dishes at It’s always noon! It was the early 2000s when Antonella Clerici she started her journey in the world of cooking, engaged in the cooking … Read more

Wonder Woman and Superman, the new cinecomic canceled? Earthquake in the DC Universe

WONDER WOMAN – Deadlines wrote that the new leaders of the DC Extended Universe would have canceled “Wonder Woman 3”, the last chapter of the trilogy of the franchise starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman with a new script once again directed by Patty Jenkins. Only a few days ago, the Israeli actress herself … Read more

Juventus earthquake: interceptions, “bad situation like Calciopoli”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

AGI – “In fifteen years I only remember one such bad situation, Calciopoli, but there the whole world was against us, here instead we created it”. The words are from the former Juventus executive Stefano Bertola, in an excerpt of the interceptions acquired by the Turin prosecutor’s office, which investigates on the budgets and capital … Read more

Tonga, earthquake in the sea with a magnitude of over 7.3: tsunami alert is on

Tonga earthquake in the sea with a magnitude of over

A strong quake occurred off the island of Tonga. The first data speak of a magnitude greater than 7.3, the tsunami warning was triggered Posted on: 11-11-2022 15:57 JOURNALIST Journalist, screenwriter, graduated in Communication Sciences. I write because I loved the sound of my grandfather’s Olivetti and because, due to my bad education, I still … Read more

ARM earthquake: according to Qualcomm wants to make producers pay for the license (by raising prices)

ARM earthquake according to Qualcomm wants to make producers pay

The court case between ARM and Qualcomm risks sending the entire semiconductor market into chaos. The story is long and complex, but we try to quickly retrace the steps to understand what is happening. In March 2021 Qualcomm buys NUVIA for $ 1.4 billion. NUVIA is a company founded by a group of … Read more

Steve Hanke vs Joe Biden: “The worst president”. An earthquake in the United States

Steve Hanke vs Joe Biden The worst president An earthquake

Carlo Nicolato 04 July 2022 Inflation? Steve Hankein the 1980s a young economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan, currently a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, has no doubts about his origin. And the war against Putin, as well as the price of oil and supply chain problems c ‘they enter … Read more

Earthquake in Meta: leave Sheryl Sandberg, number 2 of Mark Zuckerberg. Him: “The end of an era”

Sheryl Sandberg announced on Facebook her intention to leave Meta, of which she was Chief Operating Officer: she had been the number 2 of the company created by Zuckerberg for years Sheryl Sandberg announced his resignation from Half. The manager – who is 52 years old, and had been right-hand man for 14 Mark Zuckerberg … Read more

Mediaset earthquake, the TV star was killed: there was nothing to be done

Mediaset earthquake the TV star was killed there was nothing

Temptation Island fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as the hugely popular show is expected to return this year according to the latest rumors. In the last few weeks the rumor that Mediaset wanted had leaked ready to cancel the well-known television program. A decision that obviously had been met with deep discontent among … Read more