Obesity, four strategies for living healthy without giving up on eating well

Obesity four strategies for living healthy without giving up on

The table is pleasure and conviviality. And it is precisely with this hedonism that nutritionists and health recommendations – considered by many restrictive and a little punitive – have to deal. The result is that few succeed or want to follow them: since the last relationship Eat-Lancet, it emerges that worldwide the consumption of original … Read more

Deaths after eating raw sausages: how to defend yourself from listeriosis

Deaths after eating raw sausages how to defend yourself from

Professor Pier Sandro Cocconcelli explained to Fanpage.it the dangers of listeriori and how to defend yourself from the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes in food after the outbreak that caused 3 deaths and dozens of cases. Interview with Pier Sandro Cocconcelli Full Professor of Food Microbiology at the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences of the … Read more

Is it true that eating eggs raises blood cholesterol levels? All the errors to be debunked

Is it true that eating eggs raises blood cholesterol levels

There are a lot of rumors on the web that eggs are seen as bad for high blood cholesterol sufferers. True or fiction? Let’s dispel a false myth. High concentration of cholesterol in the blood (Canva) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: Is called hypercholesterolemia the level of high cholesterol in the blood, a problem that … Read more

Eating cinnamon every day: this is what happens to our body

Eating cinnamon every day this is what happens to our

There cinnamona spice widely used in ancient times for make perfumes and incenseactually turns out to have surprising properties, to the point of bringing benefits to our body if taken daily. Today, recent research has stipulated that, if taken constantly, this spice is a real cure-all; for this reason the recommended dose is that of … Read more

Eating cherries for its anti-inflammatory properties would bring benefits, but pay attention to the contraindications and the daily dose

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Summer brings heat and hassle, but as far as fruit and vegetables are concerned, it is truly generous. Thanks to these products of the earth we can indulge ourselves by cooking various types of dishes. Fruit in general is rich in water, vitamins, mineral salts, all of which are precious elements for our well-being. Each … Read more