Fink: «I see reserved optimism about Italy. The choice of the Minister of Economy will be fundamental “

Fink I see reserved optimism about Italy The choice of

Larry Fink, founder of Blackrock The ringing of Larry Fink’s phone is the squawking of a duck. It’s a way for the man who founded and leads Blackrock, the world’s largest investor with $ 8.5 trillion under management, not to take himself all the way seriously. At least to try. But the panorama he sees … Read more

Great Britain, Prime Minister Truss goes straight: “We have the right plan to revive the economy”. Pound down again – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Great Britain Prime Minister Truss goes straight We have the

Despite everything, the British premier Liz Truss pulls it straight and confirms its tax cut plan from 45 billion pounds. “We have the right plan to revive the economy” said the premier, whom she then indicated in the international situation and in the “Russian invasion of Ukraine” the cause of the earthquake in recent days … Read more

The Bank of England’s Outstanding Action to Protect the Economy – Il Post

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On Wednesday the Bank of England decided to to intervene in an extraordinary way to protect British financial stability by buying massive quantities of government bonds on the financial markets: this is an exceptional measure that the Bank had ruled out just a couple of days ago, and it is a sign that the collapse … Read more

Melons and the European challenges, the first test will be the Minister of Economy

from Aldo Cazzullo On which path Giorgia Meloni will choose our (precarious) economic health and our future in Europe troubled by the war raging on its eastern borders depend For almost thirty years Europe has been indignant, e the right has been around for almost thirty years more or less populist in majority in the … Read more

The euro slips to the lowest levels in 20 years against the dollar – Economy

The euro slips to new 20-year lows against the dollar: the single European currency reached $ 0.9809, a level not seen since December 2002, before recovering to 0.9864. The new three-quarter point hike decided yesterday by the Fed and expectations of subsequent hikes weigh heavily. The European currency is suffering from the economic impact of … Read more

ECB: ready to raise rates in the coming months – Economy

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The ECB, after the three-quarter point squeeze at the beginning of September, “expects to further increase interest rates in upcoming meetings to curb demand and protect against the risk of a persistent increase in inflation expectations”, which “it is likely to remain above target for an extended period of time.” It can be read in … Read more

Stellantis, Mirafiori will become the group’s circular economy hub. The investment is still unknown – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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The Stellantis main circular economy hub, French-led group with tax office in the Netherlands, which arose from the union between FCA and PSA. The CEO announced today Carlos Tavares visiting Turin. The plant will be inaugurated in 2023 and will guarantee sustainable production and consumption models. The plant will begin operating with three activities designed … Read more

Energy: EU, ready for a new summit in September – Economy

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

“If necessary, I am ready to convene another extraordinary meeting” of European energy ministers “to decide concrete measures before the end of the month”. This was announced by the Minister of Industry of the Czech Republic, Jozef Sikela, who leads the rotating presidency of the EU, at the end of the extraordinary Energy Council. The … Read more

ECB: the effects on the economy. Mortgages and loans, here’s what changes – Economy

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The record hike in rates decided by the ECB has immediate consequences, others in the medium term and others that are difficult to predict. In the immediate future there are, for example, the reaction of the markets and the effects on the euro (which is appreciated) and on government bond yields (which rise) destined to … Read more