Gas stations confirm the stop. Antitrust investigations into Eni, Esso, IP, Kuwait and Tamoil – Economy

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The operators of the fuel pumps of Fegica and Figisc Confcommercio do not like the decree on price transparency published by the government on Saturday, especially in the part relating to the sanctions that recall the petrol stations, and they state that “under these conditions the strike” already called for 25 and 26 January is … Read more

Gasoline: slightly down, self-service at 1.819 euros per liter – Economy

Gasoline slightly down self service at 1819 euros per liter

On some Italian motorways – reports Codacons – (as in the case of the A14) the price of diesel breaks through 2.5 euros per liter while on the A1, for example, the green is sold in some petrol stations at 2.3 euros per liter ( the served). The association also announces that yesterday it presented … Read more

Increase gas bill, 1,866 euros per family in 2022 – Economy

Increase gas bill 1866 euros per family in 2022

Gas bill how much does it cost us. In December, for customers who are still on the protected market, the increase communicated by Arera is 23.3% compared to November and the high quotations in the first two weeks have weighed heavily. Despite the various savings made on the field, 2022 brings a bill to the … Read more

For the Stock Exchange a black 2022, for Wall Street the worst year since 2008 – Economy

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Inflation, interest rate hikes, risk of recession, war in Ukraine: indigestible dishes for the markets, which are already heavily weighed down for the year-end dinner. In fact, 2022 was bad for the world stock exchanges, with Wall street ending the worst year since the crash of 2008 and Milan which has lost a large chunk … Read more

From petrol to highways, 2023 starts with price increases – Economy

From petrol to highways 2023 starts with price increases

Price increases in sight with the beginning of 2023, especially for motorists. The first increase is in fact that of the price of fuels, which for nine months now has enjoyed the reduction in excise duties decided first by the Draghi government and then confirmed, in part, also by the Meloni executive. The orientation is … Read more

Bills at risk of rising prices, the Government is working to avoid it – Economy

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

The risk of higher bills lurks in the latest draft of the Milleproroghe decree. While the Senate has difficulty completing the approval of the maneuver, in which 21 billion out of 35 are allocated against expensive energy especially for the next three months, the decree passed a week ago by the Council of Ministers could … Read more

Employment race slows down in third quarter, -0.1% – Economy

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SLOW DOWN EMPLOYMENT – In the third quarter of 2022, labor input measured in ULA (full-time equivalent labor units) decreased slightly compared to the previous three months (-0.1% compared to the second quarter of 2022), while growth slowed on a year (+2.7% compared to the third quarter of 2021). Also employment decreased slightly compared to … Read more

The ECB raises rates and calls on the Mes, Italy attacks – Economy

The ECB raises rates and calls on the Mes Italy

The ECB goes into hawkish mode: a new tightening of rates, the promise that they will increase again “at a rate of 50 basis points at a time for a certain period”, and from March the bonds bought in the last eight years will begin to be unloaded on the market. And so – also … Read more