Electric cars – Tavares: “Factories at risk if prices don’t drop”

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Carlos Tavaresmanaging director of Stellantisreturns to issue clear warnings on the social and industrial effects of electric mobility and on the need to reduce costs and prices to make accessible cars on tap to the general public. In particular, his automotive group and the entire four-wheeler sector could find themselves in the need to proceed … Read more

Electric car for the middle class? Stellantis asks for subsidies from EU governments: “They support consumers”

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Stellantis is working to do its part to mitigate the costs of switching to an electric vehicle, but it would be desirable for European governments to support final consumers with subsidies, even if this is difficult given the high level of debt of various countries, especially in southern Europe. This was stated by the CEO … Read more

Hyundai in Norway will only sell electric cars

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Hyundai is a leader in electric mobility and has achieved an electric car share in Norway of more than 90% during the last few years. The Norway division announced that effective January 1, 2023, will market only zero-emission electric cars in the Norwegian market. The car manufacturer, after 8 years of continuous growth, has established … Read more

The production of the solar electric car is underway

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There first solar electric car finally goes into production: after six long years of research and technological development, the revolutionary Lightyear 0 has officially landed on the production lines of the Valmet Automotive plant in Finland. The first cars are already preparing for their “first time in the light of day”: thus the Lightyear 0 … Read more

The electric car has a problem: the mad rush of the “white gold” – Vaielettrico

The electric car has a problem the mad rush of

A lithium miner in Atacama, Chile (photo: Potash Corp.) The electric car has a problem: it’s called lithium, now called the “white gold”. It’s not a rare metal (it’s the fourth most common element on the planet), but it’s mined in insufficient quantities to fuel the recent boom in battery cell demand. The demand for … Read more

Volkswagen, the MEB platform for electric cars evolves

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

That Volkswagen is one of the most active car manufacturers on the front ofelectrification of its range it’s not a secret at all. The House of Wolfsburg has long been investing money and human resources in the development of technologies that guarantee ever greater range and optimized ride comfort. The latest achievement in this sector … Read more