Ferragamo dresses the chic man: 6 very elegant loafers from the Italian Maison

Ferragamo dresses the chic man 6 very elegant loafers from

To make every man’s outfit chic, sometimes it’s enough to follow tradition; and often this translates to “loafers”. So here are 6 very elegant Ferragamo designer items. There is little to do, the moccasin the moccasin always remains. Even in these urban times where the fashion is monopolized by streetwear and the footwear from comfortable … Read more

Here’s what to wear this year at weddings and important events to be beautiful, elegant and fashionable

The pandemic has slowed down our lives for a long time and it is therefore normal that many couples now want to recover. This is why we are beset with wedding invitations and invitations to other important ceremonies. It is therefore up to us to find the right gift and dress. In fact, we often … Read more

Aggressive and elegant: here is the BMW-Dallara LMDh | FormulaPassion.it

Aggressive and elegant here is the BMW Dallara LMDh FormulaPassionit

After years of slow decline and shortage of manufacturers, the top endurance category is finally experiencing a moment of renewed interest, heralding a two-year period 2023-2024 characterized by a starting park worthy of the beginnings of the Group C. The already active Toyota and Glickenhaus will soon add Peugeot, while Ferrari, Porsche, Cadillac, Acura and … Read more