Princess Anne, have you ever seen her daughter? Who is the (beautiful) granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth – newsby

Princess Anne have you ever seen her daughter Who is

Have you ever seen Princess Anna’s daughter? Photo: LaPresse – newsby Who is Princess Anne’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth’s rarely talked about granddaughter? Very little is said about all those members of the Royal Family who revolve around the “pivotal” figures known to all, namely Kate, William, Harry and Meghan. In fact, if the children of … Read more

Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison. Her scammers defend her: «Silicon Valley victim»

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He Raised $945 Million for a Revolutionary One-Drop Blood Testing System That Never Worked NEW YORK – Eleven years and three months in prison for Elizabeth Holmes, the “female Steve Jobs”. Her conviction for defrauding his investors (from whom she raised $945 million) to whom she said she had created a revolutionary system for analyzing … Read more

Theranos scam, Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to over 11 years in prison

Listen to the audio version of the article Before FTX in cryptocurrencies and Nikola in electric vehicles, there was Theranos. One of the biggest scams to shake Silicon Valley and Wall Street, perhaps the mother of all contemporary scandals between hi-tech and finance, has reached its final chapter. Elizabeth Holmes, founder and top executive of … Read more

Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison – Il Post

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Friday, at the end of a hearing that lasted about four hours, a Californian federal court he condemned US entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes was given 11 years and three months in prison, found guilty of fraud last January in the context of a trial concerning Theranos, the biomedical startup of which she is founder and CEO. … Read more

The truth about the death of Queen Elizabeth comes out, something is not right. Talk in disbelief

The truth about the death of Queen Elizabeth comes out

After three weeks of the terrible news that shocked the whole world, the death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II has finally been published and we know with certainty what was the cause of death. Some were surprised by the evidence, the theories were many and now the definitive answer has arrived. Only the scoro September … Read more

The Queen’s Tomb: Elizabeth II with her husband Philip and father, King George VI. The photo from Windsor Castle

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from Enrica Roddolo A slab of black marble, only the names and dates of birth, with the star of the Order of the Garter. The Queen’s last wishes for her burial at Windsor Manor In the end, at the end of everything after the solemn e majestic state funeral exactly a week ago with over … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, the distressing detail of Princess Charlotte: nobody noticed

Queen Elizabeth the distressing detail of Princess Charlotte nobody noticed

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Charlotte attracts the attention of the world. That distressing detail leaves everyone speechless. Charlotte of England – The baby of the Windsor house, Princess Charlotte, has everyone’s eyes on him. Here it is what happened during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Incredible. Eyes on Princess Charlotte Second child of William and Kate, Princess … Read more

“I’ll explain what Carlo’s first real challenge will be”: Caprarica comments on the funeral of Elizabeth II

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was held yesterday. The journalist Antonio Caprarica at Fanpage: “Historic but touching event: the affection of the people is a flattery for the Crown but also an open challenge for Carlo” Turn on notifications to receive updates on Death of Queen Elizabeth II The … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, why are the crown and scepter screwed to the coffin? The precedent which was a bad omen

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There Queen Elizabeth she was buried next to her “rock”, the beloved Prince Philip. And when King Charles scattered the earth on his coffin yesterday at 7.30pm, the royals released a tribute on the official Royal Family profile titled “In loving memory of Her Majesty the Queen,” sharing two never-before-seen images … Read more