Accidental trauma in children: “With these symptoms you need to go to the emergency room”

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

How many times did the parents go urgently to the emergency room or to your doctor after your child accidentally falls off the sofa, or down the stairs while crawling or trying to stand up? Or even while he was chasing his favorite toy and fell down the steps of the little park? We are … Read more

Russian raids in Donetsk. Kiev creates 4,000 “invincibility points” to deal with the electricity emergency | Ukraine Russia, the latest war news

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Andrea Nicastro and Paolo Foschi The news of Wednesday 23 November, live. A newborn baby died last night in a rocket attack by Russian forces that hit the maternity ward of a hospital near Zaporizhzhia • The war in Ukraine has come on the 270th day. • The Kremlin denounces the Ukrainian … Read more

Healthcare. «The new global emergency? Bacteria that resist antibiotics

Evelina Tacconelli – . The real world emergency is the “bad” bacteria, those that have learned to resist antibiotics: the drugs that until recently were able to defeat them now no longer have any effect. “If the next pandemic were to be caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria we could find ourselves helpless,” he warns Evelina … Read more

Covid, no vax doctors towards reintegration. The Bergamo Orders: “Right, we are no longer in an emergency”

Covid no vax doctors towards reintegration The Bergamo Orders Right

from Federico Rota Minister Schillaci’s announcement: unvaccinated doctors and nurses will be able to return to service before the end of the year. Marinoni: the scenario changed. Soliter: but don’t get the message across that the vaccination was a hoax The breaking points between the previous and the current government do not lie only in … Read more

Faenza, three new operational unit directors at the hospital: Cavaliere in Surgery, Coppola in Radiology, Farina in Ps and Emergency Medicine

Faenza three new operational unit directors at the hospital Cavaliere

The Local Health Authority of Romagna continues its program to cover top positions. There are three new management positions for the management of as many complex structures in the hospital of Faenza. The General Management has appointed Dr. Davide Cavaliere for General Surgery, Dr. Francesca Coppola for Radiology and Dr. Gabriele Farina for First Aid … Read more

Energy emergency, from today comes the turning point on gas: for Italians a breath of fresh air –

Energy emergency from today comes the turning point on gas

With the rise in prices, you no longer know how to reduce consumption? Thanks to this valve you can save on lowering the price of your bills. The rise in prices puts a strain on Italians, who find themselves paying exorbitant prices on their bills. A further rise in energy costs is expected in the … Read more

Confindustria estimates: 2023 with zero growth. The industrialists to the new government: “It is a national emergency” – Economy

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

We face a “complex, somewhat gloomy, burdensome” economic scenario, says the CEO of Confindustria, Francesca Mariotti, presenting the autumn economic forecasts of the Confindustria study center. “We are at the gates of the establishment of a new government that will have to deal with a real national emergency. This is a national emergency, it no … Read more

Medical specialization schools. It is an escape from the emergency room: 50% of the contracts were not awarded. The Anaao analysis

Specialization school assignments 2022: 12% of total contracts and 50% of emergency contracts were not awarded. We need immediately a reform of specializations, the abolition of incompatibilities, the renewal of the CCNL employment contract of the Medical Management already expired even before being approved. 06 OCT – The approval rating of specialization schools in Emergency-Urgency … Read more

Bags down with gas rally. Semi-annual Bot yield at top since 2012, BoE emergency intervention on bonds

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

BTP / Bund spread trend Loading … Spread BTP-Bund remains above 250 points After the blaze on Tuesday, it spread BTp-Bund remains above 250. The differential is always at its highest since the spring of 2020 while the yield of the Italian ten-year update the records since September 2013. In particular, the yield differential between … Read more

“Belen, Totti and Ferragnez: even VIPs collect state support for the Covid emergency”: the investigation

New Citroen C4 2022 2023 all the advantages of an SUV

Belen Rodriguez, Fedez, Chiara Ferragni, Francesco Totti (and many other VIPs and more) … all took advantage of the financial aid guaranteed by the state during the pandemic for their companies, all with a positive profit. The aid signed by Giuseppe Conte and previously by Mario Draghi to deal with the Covid-19 emergency was triggered, … Read more