Adidas-Puma, the endless battle: from Cruijff (without a stripe) to Gulden, the CEO who changes jersey

Adidas Puma the endless battle from Cruijff without a stripe to

A century-long battle. Born in the family – between two brothers – extended to the football fields – those trodden by Johan Cruijff and Franz Beckenbauer – and now extended to the offices of the upper floors of the two companies, those occupied by the CEOs. With effects also on the stock exchange lists, in … Read more

“Great pain”, Gianni Morandi: shed endless tears for his son | He is gone

Great pain Gianni Morandi shed endless tears for his son

Gianni Morandi is one of the most loved Italian songwriters of all generations. The story of him has upset the fans, precisely because no one would have expected such a revelation. Gianni Morandi – Gianni Morandi is the undisputed face of Italian music that every year knows how to reinvent itself, without ever getting … Read more

Milan endless party, crowd in the street for the LIVE – Sport catwalk

Milan endless party crowd in the street for the LIVE

An endless party, which began at the triple whistle of Reggio Emilia, continued until late at night in front of the club headquarters with 20,000 people rushed and then rekindled in the late afternoon today with the open bus that crossed Milan to Piazza Duomo: the Milan celebrates the company’s Scudetto in grand style. A … Read more

Dybala’s endless tears: his companions organize the party for him. And the stadium whistles Agnelli

At the end of the celebrations for Giorgio Chiellini, the group spontaneously leaves the team to greet the last match at the Joya Stadium The most beautiful image comes when at the end of the official moment of the celebrations for Giorgio Chiellini’s farewell at the Stadium, a group of Juve players is created in … Read more