There are still many who do not know that in addition to stress there would be 5 enemies of our hair that falls out and becomes weak when we get sick

Who knows how many times we will have met some friends after so many years and find them bald. Men in particular tend to lose their hair due to stress. So it can happen that an old school friend or a friend from the neighborhood finds himself not having to buy shampoo after so many … Read more

Sports activity and a balanced diet could be the real enemies and our allies of this hateful disease that is advancing relentlessly even in Italy, affecting all ages.

You can’t live on statistics alone, he said, but statistics are very important in many fields. Medicine is no exception, indeed, which, thanks to numbers, is able to find the answers that many of us are looking for. In fact, speaking of percentages, increasing or decreasing, of certain diseases always has its reason. There are … Read more