What to eat for breakfast: These are the perfect foods to boost energy and good mood

What to eat for breakfast These are the perfect foods

What to eat for breakfast for increase energy and start our day with one dose of good cheer? Here is the list of perfect foods to better face our daily life. Never underestimate breakfast. Considered by many the basic mealin fact it is a moment of the day that is impossible to skip: without this … Read more

Energy, a guide to orienting oneself in the jungle of the free market

Listen to the audio version of the article 2023 begins in the name of chaos for electricity and gas bills linked to contracts stipulated on the free market. After the pronouncement of the Council of State in December, which suspended the Antitrust provisions against the increases, and the provision included in the Milleproroghe (which allows … Read more

Energy crisis: «The gas market has gone mad. Better not to change manager »

Energy crisis The gas market has gone mad Better not

Chronicle / Como city Thursday 05 January 2023 Expert advice In December, on average, the costs incurred by the people of Como for gas increased by 23.3% The gas bill is rising again, but be careful about changing the contract on the run, according to experts at the moment “the market has gone crazy”. In … Read more

Gas, new field in the Black Sea: this is how Turkey becomes a new energy giant

Gas new field in the Black Sea this is how

ROME – The climb continues Turkey at the top of the major producers of natural gas of the area between Mediterranean Sea and Caspian Sea. The confirmation comes from the new discovery announced yesterday by the government of Ankara. The president took the trouble Reception Erdogan to give the announcement to the country and international … Read more

Biological solar cell, produces clean energy from succulents

Biological solar cell produces clean energy from succulents

Clean energy meets succulent plants: here’s how to get them through avant-garde biological solar cells. The news is incredible. Lightbulb – photo from pixabay – horizonnergia.it FOR ALL OTHER UPDATES FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM It is now well known that the period is not exactly flourishing for “classical” energy supply sources. The environmental crisis in … Read more

Business energy bonus December 2022: here are the tax codes

For compensation with F24, the Revenue Agency has set up the appropriate tax codes to be included in the model. They refer to the energy bonuses for businesses, re-proposed by the Aid quater Decree for expenses incurred in December 2022 All ready for compensation in the F24 models which will allow companies to partially recover … Read more

Dear bills, the Antitrust against 7 energy companies

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

Are approximately 2.66 million the consumers which have suffered unjustified increases in the price of bills by seven energy companies. To reveal it is the Antitrust in a note, announcing the launch of seven investigations and the adoption of as many precautionary measures against Enel, Eni, Hera, A2A, Edison, Acea and Engie for alleged illegitimate … Read more

Expensive energy: alarm for car costs in 2023

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Rising fuel and raw material prices, very high insurance premiums, skyrocketing car repair costs: the forecasts for 2023 are not at all optimistic, and Italian motorists are starting to fear a year of uncontrolled spending. The pockets of families are empty, the situation is very complex for the Bel Paese. Car and motorcycle owners in … Read more

Business energy bonus, updated model and deadlines for the transfer of credits in the 4th quarter of 2022

The updated model for communicating the transfer of energy bonus credits for the months of October and November 2022 arrives from the Revenue Agency. Two different deadlines: 22 March 2023 for agricultural and fishing companies and 21 June 2023 for other companies The communication to the Revenue Agency for the transfer of credits related to … Read more