Musk-Twitter, it’s revolution: redundancies and blue checks, the escape for Mastodon begins. What is the new social

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1 The one between Elon MuskTesla’s supreme boss and billionaire on the hunt for new investments, e Twitter it was a long push and pull, with proposals, counter-proposals, discussions and finally the acquisition that made the experts talk for a long time. It started as a simple acquisition of the shares of the social network … Read more

My night escape for Albertone. Rome, movies and a kiss

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

from Fabrizio Roncone Fabrizio Roncone tells Sordi, the story of a “sentimental desertion”: “That February 25, 2003 I was in Pisa for the newspaper, but I just wanted to be a Roman among the Romans” QuThis is not the story of Alberto Sordi. This is a story about Alberto Sordi. Small, very personal. Preserved, with … Read more

The origin of Covid and the new clues that return to point to the escape from the Wuhan laboratory

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The hypothesis of a virus manipulated in the laboratories and escaped due to lack of security procedures had already circulated in 2020 (and was immediately discarded as an allegation), but returned to discussion in recent weeks NEW YORK – The pendulum of the search for the causes of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic is … Read more

Putin, three doubles to cover his escape? Ukrainian intelligence: “Where did the Russian president go?”

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Three doubles. To be used on special occasions, perhaps to cover the escape of the president in difficulty due to the fate of the conflict or even conceal his death. The hypothesis that Vladimir Putin has doubles appearing in public in place of him is re-launched by Major General Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukrainian military … Read more

Private deeds, Ronaldo’s escape and (rejected) house arrest for Agnelli: what’s in the investigation on Juventus’ capital gains

Private deeds Ronaldos escape and rejected house arrest for Agnelli

The hypothesis of crime I am false in social communications And false communications addressed to the market. In addition to stock manipulationobstacle to vigilance and false invoicing. The suspects are 16 between Board of Directorsexecutives “with strategic responsibilities” e reviewers. And in theinvestigation on the capital gains of the Juventus the prosecutor had asked House … Read more

Omicron, the new variants coming for the winter. “Cerberus and Chiron escape antibodies”

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In Italy, the RT is at 1.3: it is the index that measures the transmission speed of the coronavirus and when it is above 1 it means that the contagion is running. The good news is that in recent days there has been a slowdown in the race in both cases and hospitalizations. The problems, … Read more

The parable of Amber Heard, from the media trial to the escape from Hollywood

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from Chiara Maffioletti The actress moved to a small town in Palma de Mallorca where she leads a simple life. But there are those who think she is just preparing for a new legal battle A famous Spanish proverb goes like this: Al mal tiempo, buena cara. Translated: Make a nice face even if times … Read more

Medical specialization schools. It is an escape from the emergency room: 50% of the contracts were not awarded. The Anaao analysis

Specialization school assignments 2022: 12% of total contracts and 50% of emergency contracts were not awarded. We need immediately a reform of specializations, the abolition of incompatibilities, the renewal of the CCNL employment contract of the Medical Management already expired even before being approved. 06 OCT – The approval rating of specialization schools in Emergency-Urgency … Read more

Putin, the escape in the secret villa in the woods: spas, mud baths, cryochamber and golf courses

Putin the escape in the secret villa in the woods

After announcing the recruitment of the very young reservists, Vladimir Putin has to deal with the revolt of the citizens, especially the parents of those children who have no intention of sending their children to die in Ukraine. The protest shows no signs of abating to the point that the Tsar was forced to leave … Read more

The maneuvers of the Flemish bishops in view of the Synod, but the Pope does not want to escape forward

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

from Gian Guido Vecchi For Pope Francis, the Church must reflect on herself and find new ways to speak to the world. “Blessings to individuals” are not excluded VATICAN CITY – The “tear” of the Flemish bishops, with the publication of a liturgy to bless gay couples, is part of the maneuvers of the world … Read more