Nine million euros for a Ferrari that ends up in the water: the images are incredible –

Nine million euros for a Ferrari that ends up in

Would you have ever thought that such a high priced Red could end up floating in the sea like any lifeboat or not? The creation is incredible but obviously not for everyone: here is the most absurd Ferrari. Driving a supercar is the dream of many of us motorists but that’s not enough: those who … Read more

Off to the incentives: cars under 15 thousand euros

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Car prices are not always within everyone’s reach, on the contrary. Also for this reason – but not only – the automotive market has stalled: due to the high cost of living, purchasing power has dropped and the second-hand market has grown, the difficulties in procuring raw materials and microchips have made the production and … Read more

McDonald’s relationship between colleagues: dismissal and fine of thousands of euros –

McDonalds relationship between colleagues dismissal and fine of thousands of

A story that is literally going around the world and that sees a McDonald’s employee thrown out for having had an affair with a colleague, who is then also forced to pay a substantial fine. It is not the first time that a company has banned romantic relationships between colleaguesa much more common policy than … Read more

One million euros gone: the death of Paolo Calissano and the investigation into the guardian

One million euros gone the death of Paolo Calissano and

Of Alessandro Fulloni and Ilaria Sabatoni According to the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office there would have been a slow stripping of the assets of the actor who died in Rome on December 30, 2021. Four other cases in the sights of the prosecutors Money. behind the death ofactor Paolo Calissano («Palermo Milano one way»; «Doctor … Read more

Gasoline: slightly down, self-service at 1.819 euros per liter – Economy

Gasoline slightly down self service at 1819 euros per liter

On some Italian motorways – reports Codacons – (as in the case of the A14) the price of diesel breaks through 2.5 euros per liter while on the A1, for example, the green is sold in some petrol stations at 2.3 euros per liter ( the served). The association also announces that yesterday it presented … Read more

Petrol and diesel, soaring prices: on the motorway around 2.5 euros per liter

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

From increase to increase since the beginning of the year, i.e. since the government definitively canceled all the discount on excise duties, fuel prices continue to grow. And after petrol reported in recent days at an altitude of 2 euros in some stations, today it is the case of diesel that Codacons consumers photograph at … Read more

Stock markets cautious after Fed minutes, eyes on inflation. Gas in the area 65 euros per MWh

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – After starting the year brilliantly – the FTSEMIB it gained about 4.7% in three sessions – the European Stock Exchanges are proceeding cautiously, in the wake of the closure of Wall Street (Dow Jones +0.4% on the eve). Investors weigh the … Read more

Car and motorcycle bonus: starting on January 10 but reduced to 5 thousand euros

Car and motorcycle bonus starting on January 10 but reduced

Electric car incentives The restart of the Ecobonus portal of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy (ex Mise) is postponed from 2 to 10 January. But the real negative news is in the amount of the car bonus which will be 5,000 euros for everyone, with the forfeiture of the contribution up to … Read more

Increase gas bill, 1,866 euros per family in 2022 – Economy

Increase gas bill 1866 euros per family in 2022

Gas bill how much does it cost us. In December, for customers who are still on the protected market, the increase communicated by Arera is 23.3% compared to November and the high quotations in the first two weeks have weighed heavily. Despite the various savings made on the field, 2022 brings a bill to the … Read more

Three car smartphone holders for less than 15 euros

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

In the age we live in it is very difficult to stay away from your smartphone. In fact, most of us live permanently connected, between social profiles, phone calls, photos, videos and chats with relatives and friends. But that is not all. By now we are all in possession of the latest generation telephones, which … Read more