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WEC Ferrari 499P word to engineer Cannizzo The Peugeot

A racing car is beautiful when it wins, but if the opposite were true, the 499P would already have guaranteed success. The Hypercar from Maranello has received the approval of the international audience for the elegance mixed with aggressiveness that transpires from its bodywork, in which you can perceive the touch of the Centro Stile … Read more

LIVE TMW – Italy, coach Mancini: “Verratti can’t make it. Tonali and Pellegrini to be evaluated …” – TUTTOmercatoWEB.com

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

live 12.50 – The eight days dedicated to the national team begins today. Roberto Mancini’s Italy from this morning he finds himself in Coverciano to prepare the last two games of the Nations League group: on Friday evening Italy will host England at San Siro, on Monday evening they will play in Budapest against Hungary. … Read more

Italy, Mancini: ‘Maybe I’m calling Frattesi for Verratti, Tonali ok, Pellegrini to be evaluated. Spinazzola out, there is a reason ‘

The technical commissioner ofItaly Roberto Mancini presented himself at the press conference at the dawn of the National break: the Nations League matches against England and Hungary on the agenda. “The result will be important, this is a group where it can still happen to anyone. We must try to win both games to try … Read more

Italy, Mancini: “Spinazzola told me he is not well, Pellegrini to be evaluated”

Italy Mancini Spinazzola told me he is not well Pellegrini

FLORENCE – “Spinazzola called me and told me he doesn’t feel great, he needs to work two weeks and I left him at home. I left the others at home because they are two games, I didn’t want to call a lot of them. Several good ones stayed at home, but I thought it was … Read more

Spain, a law is being evaluated for menstrual leave: up to five sick days per month

1652437527 Spain a law is being evaluated for menstrual leave up

In Spain, a law introducing leave for menstruating women will soon be debated. In Italy it was talked about in 2016 By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 05-12-2022 20:39 48 In Spain, the government is preparing to discuss a law that provides three days a month of illness for menstruating women. The novelty was included in … Read more