What to do in Varese and Varese: the events of 23, 24 and 25 September

What to do in Varese and Varese the events of

The menu of the first autumn weekend is full of festivals, parties and markets. Western music and cuisine in Carnago for Country Fest while knights, magicians, captains of fortune animate the Castle Festival in Valsolda. There is no shortage of appointments with live music, exhibitions and nature walks. Sunday is election day turns from 7 … Read more

Today is Asteroid Day, events all over the world – Science & Technology

The appointment with Asteroid Day is back, the world day set up by the United Nations to commemorate the impact of the Tunguska asteroid in Siberia in 1908, which caused damage in an area of ​​over 2,000 square kilometers. “We discover hundreds of new asteroids every monthbut the most dangerous are those we have not … Read more

Here’s what to wear this year at weddings and important events to be beautiful, elegant and fashionable

The pandemic has slowed down our lives for a long time and it is therefore normal that many couples now want to recover. This is why we are beset with wedding invitations and invitations to other important ceremonies. It is therefore up to us to find the right gift and dress. In fact, we often … Read more

Today Messina will make … the Giro d’Italia: all times, closed roads, events THE OFFICIAL VIDEO OF THE STAGE

It is a pink awakening this morning for Messina. It certainly does not often happen that the second most important stage race in the world makes a stop on the shores of the Strait. It is the tenth time that the “tadpoles” have arrived in the city in the last 92 years and each time … Read more