Spread, BTP and Stock Exchange, here’s how the scenarios change after the vote: “The challenges are growth and debt”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

During the night, a point became clear to those who look at Italy from the City of London: the country is not returning to 2018, not now. Then the uncertainty after the vote and the emergence of a coalition between Lega and Movimento 5 Stelle, which hardly hid the temptation to exit the euro, almost … Read more

Freed the commanders of Azov in a prisoner exchange. “To the Russians, the oligarch Medvedchuk”

Freed the commanders of Azov in a prisoner exchange To

from Francesco Battistini, sent to Kiev Russia released 215 Ukrainian POWs, captured during the Battle of Mariupol. The men released include the commanders of the Azov battalion KIEV – Everyone home. In the most dramatic hour, in the general mobilization of the 300 thousand Russians, in the flight from Moscow of the enlisted, Vladimir Putin … Read more

Moscow-Kiev, exchange of accusations regarding the wounding of Mattia Sorbi. And it’s yellow on the journalist’s Facebook page | Ukraine-Russia, news on today’s war

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Viviana Mazza and Paolo Foschi The news of Friday 9 September. The United States warns allies: The war will be long • The war in Ukraine arrived at 198th day. • Mattia Sorbi, an Italian freelance journalist, was wounded near Kherson, in Ukraine. The driver of the car he was traveling in … Read more

Gas, Moscow accuses: “Cingolani plan imposed by the US and the EU”. And the EU wants “control” of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Gas Moscow accuses Cingolani plan imposed by the US and

MILAN – The spotlight is always on gas in Europe after that Gazprom decided to extend the closure of the pipeline Nord Stream thus effectively suspending the supply to the Continent. At the Ttf market in Amsterdam, reference for exchanges, in the morning compared to yesterday’s closing at 240 euros per megawatt hour, the values … Read more

Stock Exchange: gas effect, Milan in sharp decline – Economy

Stock Exchange gas effect Milan in sharp decline Economy

It continues to decline sharply, albeit above the lows of the morning, the session on the European stock exchanges, today orphans of Wall Street, which will be closed for Labor Day. Frankfurt drops 2.4%, Milan 2.2%, Paris 1.6% and London 0.7% while the price of gas hikes in the wake of Russia’s decision not to … Read more

Juventus market: United blitz in Turin for Rabiot. Atalanta’s no to a Kean-Muriel exchange

Agreement with Paredes, but a midfielder must leave. The Red Devils try to convince the French TOMORROW UNITED MANAGEMENT IN TURIN FOR RABIOTA meeting is scheduled for tomorrow between Veronique Rabiot, mother and representative of the midfielder, and the management of Manchester United, who will arrive in Turin precisely to unblock the negotiations and convince … Read more

US-China, exchange of accusations on Taiwan. EU appeal to “calm” – World

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“The EU calls on all parties to remain calm and exercise restraint, to act transparently and keep the lines of communication open to avoid calculation errors that could lead to tragic consequences “. This is the appeal launched by the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell, at the Asean Regional Forum in Phnom Penh , Cambodia. … Read more

The US 007: «Will Moscow use the atomic bomb? Possible”. Exchange of prisoners: there is also the Azov regiment

American intelligence director Avril Haines: «We have to expect everything from Moscow. Putin has not given up on the idea of ​​conquering all of Ukraine ». Freed from Russia the largest number of soldiers since the beginning of the invasion FROM OUR SENDKIEV – The heart has the chimneys of the steel mill in place … Read more

Stock Exchange: Black Friday, 39 billion burned in Piazza Affari – Economy

Stock Exchange Black Friday 39 billion burned in Piazza Affari

Piazza Affari closes the session with a thud. The Ftse Mib index leaves 5.17% on the ground at 22,547 points and thus burns almost 39 billion euros of capitalization in a single day. Black Friday for the stock exchanges of the Old Continent as on Wall Street. The pan-European Stoxx 600 index lost 2.7%, sending … Read more