Exciting weekend: Teodorico in Fitness, Morgan, Post Talk and many festivals

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

There are great shows and appetizing festivals, cultural visits and fitness appointments during the weekend in Ravenna and its province. There are many cultural events including European Heritage Days, Mens-A and Post Talk, then Morgan arrives in concert and sports and prevention at the Teodorico park. Let’s find out all the appointments that await us. … Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator: the World Update makes Italy even more realistic and exciting!

Microsoft Flight Simulator the World Update makes Italy even more

New cities in photogrammetry, new points of interest and more and more detail and realism for the Microsoft flight simulator. As Arthur Clarke wrote in the last of his three famous and homonymous laws: any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Following the thought of the British writer, we then venture to say that … Read more