General medicine. In Veneto studies by “candlelight” against exclusion from the DL Aiuti Quater

A symbolic gesture will be implemented on Thursday, December 15, to draw the attention of politics to the activities of family doctors, “companies in all respects”. A protest “without resorting to more radical systems which – underlines the Fimmg of Padua -, in this moment of peak seasonal flu and recrudescence of the pandemic, they … Read more

EXCLUSIVE TJ – Ciabattini (FFP expert): “Penal situation more serious than the sporting one, on UEFA I exclude exclusion from cups. On capital gains…”

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

The editorial staff of contacted the Sport Business expert exclusively by telephone, Paul Cobblersto talk in depth about what is happening at Juve and beyond: That idea yes is done on how much is happening in home Juve? “The situation is the result of wicked management that began many years … Read more

Pantani’s death, the Antimafia: “Possible other hypotheses, anomalies on the exclusion of Giro”

Pantanis death the Antimafia Possible other hypotheses anomalies on the

The commission has doubts about the causes of the Pirate’s death and about the anti-doping test which led to his exclusion from the race The report has been made public Anti-Mafia Commission on the death of Marco Pantaniaccording to which “Other hypotheses about the death are possible of the former cycling champion also considering a … Read more