Inflation, which are the most expensive cities in Italy: where there were the biggest increases in the prices of meat, bread and pasta

L’inflation weighs on Italian families and collapses purchasing power from North to South. Not only for electricity and gas bills, but also for the net rising food prices and basic necessities. The price of the breadfor example, it has never been higher: Eurostat reports a growth of 18% compared to August 2021. The war in … Read more

Simg turns 40. Cricelli: “We need a new general medicine, but the current reform proposes an expensive and inefficient model”

“Our proposal, on the other hand – said the president of Simg – is to convey a greater quantity of services in the medicine of the territory, in the peripheral ‘spokes’. Citizens, real users of the NHS, need proximity services, services and interventions, close to home, where, increasingly elderly and frail, they need these services … Read more

Bonuses, apps and rationing at home: all systems against expensive energy to face the winter

Inflation, the skyrocketing costs of bills and in general theprice increase leads the Italians to change their habits. The greatest increases in recent months have been recorded in energy goods, but also in processed food and durable goods. The families so they had to run for cover. The countermeasures concern the daily habits of many … Read more

“Meat too expensive”, Rimini’s trattoria eliminates the main courses from the menu

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

The Bar Sole restaurant returns home. After four years he says goodbye to the Tre Stelle di San Martino dei mulini and re-establishes himself in the restaurant in Sant’Aquilina which has made del Sole the renowned trattoria where tagliatelle, croutons and priest’s cappellacci were always a certainty. But the “malatempora” also ran to the sun. … Read more

Pellet stove, the only solution to expensive gas: they give you a Bonus to change

Pellet stove the only solution to expensive gas they give

The increase in the cost of bills has led many Italians to choose alternative systems. In the case of pellets, it is possible to take advantage of various state subsidies to change your heating system, before the arrival of winter. An ecological choice and above all focused on saving: that of pellets could be the … Read more

Homemade savings: the alternative to the boiler against expensive bills

Homemade savings the alternative to the boiler against expensive bills

The geothermal heat pump boiler represents an ideal compromise for long-term savings. But with an essential constraint. It is not the first time that we find ourselves facing moments of high cost of living. Never like this time, however, it is a sum of factors that make the difference. Imposing a serious reflection on the … Read more

Apple, how much do you cost me? Storage in the fridge is too expensive, producers should almost throw them away

Apple how much do you cost me Storage in the

Apples, nobody wants them. The processing industry has a surplus. The cold stores that store them for the winter cannot guarantee a seasonal price. Large-scale distribution must deal with consumption at stake. The European markets have been invaded by Moldovan and Turkish production which was previously directed to Russia. The exorbitant costs and the year … Read more

Milan is the most expensive city in Italy: the increase in prices (from shopping to house rentals) is holding back the arrival of talents

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Massimo Sideri In the Lombard capital, the trend inflation has exceeded 8%, the highest since 1994. The indicator of restaurants: if the bill rises, the bill rises proportionally. Thus the price increases are passed on to the consumer What would he think Federico Caffè the rise in coffee prices in Milan? The economist from … Read more

Less electricity during peak hours and remote ‘limited’ meters: here is the Brussels plan to fight expensive energy – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Reduce the power of the meters in homes during the day to reduce electricity consumption by at least 5% in times of peak of consumption. This is the European strategy according to what we read in the conclusions of the summit on Friday between the EU ministers in which the Commission to prepare a consumption … Read more

United Kingdom, Truss announces a $ 150 billion plan against expensive energy. From the annual ceiling to the bills to the extractions: the measures – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Brexit new clash between Great Britain and the EU London

A hope for British families and businesses, a testing ground for the leader Tory Liz Truss who in his first move as premier announced to the municipalities the highly anticipated emergency plan against expensive energy. A race against time to prevent from October 1st bills increase by80% forcing energy poverty 28 million families and threatening … Read more