3 reasons that would prevent us from losing the extra pounds despite the carbohydrate-free diet, fasting and very few calories

The verb to lose weight is one of the most used in today’s society. In fact, a large part of the population dreams of losing weight at least once in their life. A dream common to those who have a few pounds accumulated, but also to those who are in a healthy weight, therefore often … Read more

Bianchi knocks out Perugia in extra time, Brescia in the semifinals

Corini’s men win 3-2 and will face Monza in the double challenge scheduled for 18 and 22 May Brescia suffers against Perugia and after one hundred and twenty minutes of balance they win 3-2 and conquer the playoff semifinals thanks to Bianchi, who entered in the 105th minute and protagonist with assists and goals for … Read more

Champions: 3-1 at City after extra time, Real in the final – Sport

Champions 3 1 at City after extra time Real in the

Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid are in the Champions League final after beating Manchester City 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu after extra time. Regular time ended 2-1, with the hosts scoring two goals with Rodrygo in the 90 ‘and 91’ minutes. For the English he had scored Mahrez at 28 ‘of the st. In the pts … Read more