Auto, De Meo brings Brussels back to reality. «With the Euro7 factories closed»

Auto De Meo brings Brussels back to reality With the

How heavy is the auto industry But de Meo made a point of premising that Brussels’ strictness towards four-wheelers (which will have to reduce CO2 emissions by 100% by 2035, while for the energy industry it speaks of 70% and for the rest of the transport by 50%) has an impact on what represents an … Read more

Electric cars – Tavares: “Factories at risk if prices don’t drop”

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

Carlos Tavaresmanaging director of Stellantisreturns to issue clear warnings on the social and industrial effects of electric mobility and on the need to reduce costs and prices to make accessible cars on tap to the general public. In particular, his automotive group and the entire four-wheeler sector could find themselves in the need to proceed … Read more

Russia nationalized the Renault factories

AGI – Renault announced that will sell its majority stake in Avtovaz to a Russian science institute, adding that the deal, however, includes a six-year option to buy back the stake. The car manufacturer, which in the West is the one most exposed on the Russian marketexplained that Avtovaz’s 67.69% stake will be sold to … Read more