The government turns the game around. Macron fails to isolate Italy

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Two to one, ball in the center. If the challenge between Italy and France on immigration management were a football match, yesterday would have represented the most classic goal that overturns the match. It was the French president Emmanuel Macron who “scored” a network of anger by leveling the score after the choice of Ocean … Read more

Meghan Markle fails again: returns home empty-handed

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Meghan Markle and Harry they are already on their way home, to California and to their children Archie and Lilibet who have not seen mum and dad for over 10 days. The Sussexes though once again they get nothing and they return to their super-luxury villa without agreements with the Crown, without advantages and without … Read more

You Suck at Parking, the review of the game that fails you at the license exam

You Suck at Parking the review of the game that

One of the characteristics of many driving games is that the player who finishes first is usually the one who is able to go as fast as possible, without ever stopping. If the car crashes, it is clearly the end and it will no longer be possible to achieve an important result. Well, forget this … Read more

The attack against Cristina Kirchner fails, the aggressor is caught

LIVE Atletica Diamond League Stoccolma 2022 in DIRETTA Folorunso ottima

from Alessandra Muglia The attacker, a 35-year-old Brazilian, has been arrested: he tried to hit the vice president and former president of Argentina in the head in front of his house but the bullet did not go off The barrel of the gun almost touched her face, aimed a few inches from her left temple. … Read more

LIVE Brescia-Dinamo Sassari 85-91, Playoff Serie A basketball 2022 LIVE: the Lombard fails to recover, the Sardinians impact the series!

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE Thank you all for following the live broadcast of this basketball challenge with us and good evening! Therefore, Sassari wins who overcomes Brescia 85-91 and thus conquers the victory in the challenge valid as game-2 of the quarter-finals of the Serie A playoffs. now they have two home games … Read more