Juve, total failure: the boys save their dignity, in the Europa League if …

Juve total failure the boys save their dignity in the

Bianconeri also defeated in Lisbon and out of the Champions League, to win third place in the group you need to do the same result as Maccabi Total bankruptcy for the Juventus. The team of Merry she also loses in Lisbon, she is not humiliated just because three boys from 2003 in a few minutes … Read more

Mandic: heart failure in women, the main causes and how it should be addressed

“World Heart Day” is celebrated every year on 29 September. FondazioneOnda, the national observatory on women’s and gender health, organized the(H) Open Week, dedicated to cardiovascular diseases in order to promote information and prevention. The initiative was also joined by ASST Lecco, which in the scientific meeting room of the Mandic Hospital in Merate proposed … Read more

The second flop on Artemis 1? The head of the Italian space agency: «Because it is a” normal “failure». The hypotheses on the next attempts of NASA

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

Don’t worry if it was canceled the launch of the rocket Space Launch System (Sls) of the mission Artemis 1 direct to the moon. To reassure is Giorgio Saccoccia, president of the Italian Space Agency (Asi), which explains how these are tests whose failure is to be considered “normal“. It had already happened with the … Read more

They went where no one had dared | The epochal failure of the “Australian Rover”

They went where no one had dared The epochal

For the section on cars you did not know, here is the sadly never-ending story of the sedan that was supposed to revolutionize a little-known market. Unfortunately, Australia was not ready to welcome it as it should. It is always interesting to take a look at those lesser-known automotive markets. Some time ago we explored … Read more

Zelensky: “The Russians use laser weapons, it’s proof of their failure” | The latest news on the war

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Giusi Fasano, Marco Imarisio, Marta Serafini, Paolo Foschi The news of Thursday 19 May on the war, live: NATO foresees weeks of military stalemate, waiting for the fate of the fighters of the Azovstal steel mill who have surrendered • The war in Ukraine arrived at the 85th day. The fighting continues … Read more