Bonaccorti and the fall: «It happens to old ladies. Beauty? I only discovered it ten years ago “

Guerra in Ucraina gli Usa stanziano altri 11 miliardi pensando

from Maria Teresa Veneziani “Do people love me? Because he knows I don’t tell lies ». Cosmetic surgery does not tempt me at all, also because I made the foolishness of reducing my breasts forty years ago One was enough photo posted on Instagram of his swollen face to unleash a wave of affection from … Read more

What happens if you fall asleep while driving? This car saves your life | The video is impressive –

What happens if you fall asleep while driving This car

Lately, the very famous cars of the South African entrepreneur Elon Musk have rained a lot of criticism relating to the safety of the autopilot. Are they deserved? See what a Tesla can do all by itself … Fall asleep is one of the most feared eventualities by any motorist who travels long after sunset … Read more

“Queen Elizabeth II died after a fall” / Shock hypothesis: “Immediately serious situation …”

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

Queen Elizabeth II, hypothesis causes death: “Accidental fall at Balmoral” Sudden death of Elizabeth II, the iconic queen of the United Kingdom, is attracting the media attention of the whole world these days, and in the meantime the general questions about the causes linked to the death of the constitutional monarch are legitimate. It is … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, fatal a fall in the house. The choice of the tomb: will she be buried next to Philip?

Bologna Cosenza 1 0 the rossoblu win for Sinisa Sport

LONDON – Queen Elizabeth died of trauma sustained in an accidental fall. The rumors that were already circulating in London on Thursday were confirmed yesterday by reliable sources close to the Royal Family. After the accident, probably caused by the Sovereign’s motor difficulties, the doctors who assisted her at any time of the day immediately … Read more

Do you suffer from insomnia or find it hard to fall asleep? Maybe bananas are the secret to getting back to sleep well

Do you suffer from insomnia or find it hard to

In collaboration with the Dr. Silvia Soligon Nutritionist biologist Perhaps you sleep little. Or go to bed, close your eyes for a few hours and then stay awake staring at the ceiling without being able to fall asleep anymore. Don’t worry: it happens. Suffer from insomnia it is a very widespread condition that affects approx … Read more

Mariupol, cholera and pigeon broth: this is how we live after the fall of the Azovstal

A month has passed since the surrender of the soldiers entrenched in the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol. The city fell, the invaders entered and the real hell began. Indeed: “It was worse than hell, there are no words to describe it,” Vladimir Korchma, a machinist born and raised in the town, told the Guardian. Two … Read more

Pilots who fall asleep in flight, the precedent in the history of aviation. “Passed the landing airports”

Pilots who fall asleep in flight the precedent in the

ROME – A pilot (the first officer) legitimately asleep because his rest time was planned. The other pilot, the captain, was the victim of a sleep stroke. It is one of the hypotheses that Ita Airways goes to explain the case of his flight 609 from New York on April 30: that night the two … Read more

Massimo Ranieri and the night in the hospital after the accident: “What a fall, but soon I’ll be back in the theater”

from Anna Paola Merone The 71-year-old artist has already been discharged by Cardarelli after the accident. Affection in the ward: lots of applause and there were those who sang Red Roses I can’t wait to get back on stage. I’m sorry for the audience who came to see me, but to them and to all … Read more

Decisive moments for stock markets that have to choose between a rise and a new fall

Is the downturn in the markets over for now The

This is an important week in a month where medium-term declines begin cyclically. It will be like this? We do not believe, on the contrary, we assume that the decline will be archived by the end of June. These, however, are decisive moments for the equity markets, which must choose between a rise and a … Read more