Isola dei Famosi, the first name in contention for the new edition!

Isola dei Famosi the first name in contention for the

The Island of the Famous will return to entertain viewers next spring. The auditions for the new edition have already begun and here is leaked the first name of a possible castaway. Among the certainties of the schedule Mediaset for 2023 there is undoubtedly The Island of the Famous, lucky reality show he will see … Read more

“I’m dying”, fear for the former castaway of L’Isola dei Famosi: all with bated breath –

Im dying fear for the former castaway of LIsola dei

After many unforeseen events and inconveniences, the former castaway, protagonist of The Island of the Famous 2022, continues to feel bad. “I’m dying,” she confesses on social media, to express the physical and psychological suffering she is facing. Where does the shipwrecked lament come from? Forced to abandon the reality and to return to Italy … Read more

Isola dei Famosi: who will win the sixteenth edition? The predictions of our editorial staff

Today, Monday 27 June 2022, the final of the sixteenth edition of the Island of the famous will be broadcast. Contending for the victory were Luca Daffré, Marialaura De Vitis, Carmen Di Pietro, Nicolas Vaporidis, Mercedesz Henger and Nick Luciani. Our predictions. After giving you some information on the winner of the sixteenth edition of … Read more

“Isola dei Famosi”, Luca, Marialaura, Carmen, Mercedesz and Nick reach Nicolas in the final

Ilary Blasi greets the audience from the studio: this evening we celebrate the 100th episode of the island at Mediaset. THE INJURY OF EDOARDO – The first news of the evening is that of the medical reports that force Edoardo to leave the reality show. His knee injury during a reward test during the week … Read more

“Isola dei Famosi”: Nicolas Vaporidis is the first finalist, Gennaro eliminated

Ilary Blasi greets the audience from the studio, announcing: “We are one step away from the final”. The first finalist will be elected tonight. The first theme is Nick’s quarrel with Edoardo and Nicolas which, despite an initial reconciliation, continued. Connection problems due to bad weather cause the live broadcast from Honduras to be interrupted, … Read more

“Isola dei Famosi 2022”, skips the Friday episode. And Ilary consoles herself in the pool

Isola dei Famosi 2022 skips the Friday episode And Ilary

There just doesn’t seem to be peace for Ilary Blasi: once again, theIsland of the Famous 2022 sees a change in its schedule – yet another to follow in recent weeks. In this case, it is probably due to needs due to an all too ruthless competition which therefore “forces” Mediaset to take a step … Read more

ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2022, REPORT CARDS 20TH EPISODE AND NOMINATI / Who won the Auditel challenge?

Isola dei Famosi, the viewers’ report cards: the reality show loses the Auditel challenge L’Island of the Famous 2022 has reached its twentieth episode, aired Friday 28 May, after the extension of the duration of the reality show, wanted by Mediaset. L’Island of the Famous 2022in fact, it has recorded a moderate success of publicwhich … Read more

Isola dei Famosi 2022, twentieth episode – In 5 televoting, Mercedesz and Gennaro are back in the game, Fabrizia eliminated, Roger alone on Playa Sgamadissima

Isola dei Famosi 2022 twentieth episode In 5 televoting

Ilary and Carmen – Island of the Famous 2022 The Island of the Famous 2022 comes to twentieth episode, one month before the final on June 27th. And here on the appointment with the Friday liveblogging is renewed, to follow and update in direct minute by minute everything that happens in the studio and … Read more

Isola dei Famosi 2022, Pagelle 17a puntata/ Vladimir Luxuria e Guendalina show…

Pagelle Isola dei Famosi 2022, tutti passi per Vladimir Luxuria e Guendalina Tavassi Vladimir Luxuria e Guendalina Tavassi, in modo diverso, hanno conquistato i telespettatori dell’Isola dei Famosi 2022. La 17esima puntata è stata ricca di colpi di scena e di scontri, in primis quello avvenuto in studio tra Laura Maddaloni e Vladimir Luxuria. Rientrata … Read more

“Isola dei Famosi”, Laura Maddaloni eliminated: she must abandon the game and return to Italy

“An episode that promises sparks” says Ilary Blasi after the video with the previews.In connection with the Palapa Alvin informs that Blind is back in the game, but Guendalina will be absent for a few days for some checks. The televoting and … Marialaura Ilary closes the televoting, which will send one between Edoardo Tavassi, … Read more