Carbon dioxide is missing, famous Italian brewery closes the plant – and it is not the only one

1664153498 Carbon dioxide is missing famous Italian brewery closes the plant

A famous Italian brewery closes due to a lack of carbon dioxide. However, the crisis is affecting the whole world. The large industries who use the Co2 they are beginning to suffer from the lack of this element. Fundamental to produce several things, including sparkling water and beer. Canva Incredibly we’re getting to that too. … Read more

“These are heavy days for me”: a famous person tells the outcome of medical checks

These are heavy days for me a famous person tells

She underwent medical checks for a recently found ailment: the famous character then revealed the diagnosis on Instagram. Her unusual absence on social media had aroused apprehension in fans where she is one of the influencer most admired and followed Italians. And it could not be otherwise, given the remarkable beauty of her which remains … Read more

Liver Cancer, a study found a correlation between a famous drink and the disease

Liver Cancer a study found a correlation between a famous

A major study found a relationship between liver cancer patients and the habit of drinking certain beverages. We are not talking about though alcoholthat we know to be a risk factor for the onset of some cancers. Here’s what some scientists have found. Canva According to a recent analysis, about 80% of people who contracted … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, from leadership to love: Her Majesty’s famous phrases

Current words – Elizabeth II is considered a kind of guardian of her kingdom and of the monarchical institution: she who managed to guarantee stability in turbulence, comfort in tragedies, she who has always represented a safe and reliable guide to the point of being a certainty, a rock for governments and their subjects. And … Read more

Island of the Famous, Pamela Petrarolo comments on couples and castaways: “All theaters …”

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Pamela Petrarolo freewheeling on the island of the famous. Interviewed on Radio Radio microphones “It won’t happen anymore”, the former castaway spoke extensively about her adventure in Honduras and about some castaways with whom she shared the adventure. Speaking of the difficult trials she had to face, Pamela said: «Neither did … Read more

Island of the Famous, Edoardo Tavassi spills the bag: “Here is the whole truth about my retirement”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Edoardo Tavassi takes stock of his journey to L’Isola dei Famosi and reveals the truth about his injury in Honduras. Edoardo Tavassi was one of the undisputed protagonists of the sixteenth edition of The Island of the Famous. A few days from the the finalwhich saw the triumph of Nicolas Vaporidis, the brother of Guendalina … Read more

These are the worst cars ever: each has a serious flaw | A famous Italian also appears on the list

These are the worst cars ever each has a serious

Sometimes, a car is the most awesome thing you can find on the market but it has that damn little flaw that makes it expensive to maintain or just plain undriveable. Ask these four cars … Cars generally split in two categories: the successful ones and the colossal flops. No manufacturer would ever want to … Read more

Nicolas Vaporidis is the winner of the Island of the Famous 2022

from Maria Volpe The super-favorite “Night Before Exams” actor wins the reality show. According to a surprise, the almost unknown Luca Daffré. Third Carmen Di Pietro Nicolas Vaporidis: at 1:20 am the winner of the 16th edition of the Isola dei Famosi was declared. An expected and almost discontented victory despite the fact that the … Read more

Island of the Famous, Alvin puts his balance on the castaways and reveals: the final will be in Honduras

Alvnis’ report on the longest ever edition of the Island of the Famous. The sixteenth edition of The Island of the Famous, the longest ever for the reailty-show that once again saw the radio speaker and host Alvin in the role of envoy, for the fourth time. Island of the Famous: Alvin puts his balance … Read more