Live Zaniolo: Mourinho, Pinto and fan reactions to Roma-Cremonese LIVE

1675291169 Live Zaniolo Mourinho Pinto and fan reactions to Roma Cremonese LIVE

ROME – On the day when Nicolo Zaniolo has returned to speak, with an open letter in which he extends his hand to Roma, Mourinho’s team takes the field against Cremonese in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup in a single match. The 23-year-old striker, who remained with the Giallorossi following the closure of the … Read more

One Piece Odyssey Recensione: il gioco che i fan stavano aspettando

One Piece Odyssey Recensione il gioco che i fan stavano.webp

Fatta eccezione per i musou di Omega Force e per una manciata di titoli per Wii e PS2, gli innumerevoli tie-in di ONE PIECE pubblicati nel corso dei ultimi decenni hanno sempre faticato a dimostrarsi all’altezza della licenza piratesca di Eiichiro Oda (a proposito, siete a un click dalla recensione di ONE PIECE: Pirate Warriors … Read more

Milan, in Corso Buenos Aires, celebrations explode for Morocco in the semifinals. A fan stabbed in the throat is very serious

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

from Cesare Giuzzi In thousands, at least five thousand. They block the roads around Porta Venezia. They invade Corso Buenos Aires, color the sky with fireworks, parade with cars arriving from half of Milan. But some episodes of violence risk ruining the party They arrived by the thousands. They blocked the streets around Porta Venezia. … Read more

Abatantuono: «Does Salvatores call me lazy? I gave her a daughter. The hell? Being an Inter fan “

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

from Renato Franco The leading actor in the film “Il mammone”, based on the French hit “Tanguy” “Mine was an anomalous experience. As soon as I could, I started making my own life, my mother worked at the Milan Derby, as a teenager I was a lighting technician for I Gatti in Vicolo Miracoli and … Read more

The man from Saluzzo mourns Fabrizio Sanmartino, musician and great grenade fan

Ansia stress disagio psicologico in 7 anni casi quadruplicati A

He passed away yesterday evening, Saturday 22 October at the age of 56 Fabrizio Sanmartino at the Hospice in Busca, where he had been hospitalized for about a month, after having struggled to the last with an illness discovered two years ago. Resident in Saluzzo, appreciated musician and supporter of the bull. In the last … Read more

Tesla, quanto costa una ricarica? Notizia negativa per i fan dell’elettrico

Tesla quanto costa una ricarica Notizia negativa per i fan

La Tesla rappresenta il top assoluto in termini di auto elettriche, ma ci sono notizie non positive sul fronte delle spese di ricarica. Sul fronte delle tecnologie per le auto elettriche si stanno facendo dei passi da gigante. La Tesla, l’azienda statunitense guidata dal CEO Elon Musk, è probabilmente il simbolo delle vetture full electric, … Read more

The mother of the autistic fan fears the blow in the towel: “Cristiano Ronaldo must not get away with it”

The mother of the autistic fan fears the blow in

The boy’s mother addressed an appeal to the FA: not to let CR7’s attitude pass under the radar. “The thing that baffles me is how he keeps going knowing he’s attacked a kid. How can he sleep at night? “ The mother of the young Everton fan asked the FA that CR7 “does not get … Read more

Sassuolo, furious Berardi: he chases a fan out of the stadium who insulted him

Sassuolo furious Berardi he chases a fan out of the

Everyone was holding him back, but his anger was so great that he was about to catch the fan who had offended him. Domenico Berardistriker of the Sassuolohe lost his mind after the defeat in Italian Cup in the Emilian derby of the thirty-second finals with the Modena. In a video that is making the … Read more

The Chicago killer is a Trump fan with a long-planned plan – North America

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

An attack “premeditated for weeks” but without a precise motive. 24 hours after the 4th of July massacre on the outskirts of Chicago, details of the massacre begin to emerge, including the profile of the killer, Robert E. Crimo III. A lonely, frustrated and marginalized 20-year-old, a rapper with a passion for violent rhymes, a … Read more

Alessandra Amoroso denies the autograph to a fan: storm on social media. And the singer replies like this

Alessandra Amoroso denies the autograph to a fan storm on

Hours and hours under the sun in the front row to see his favorite artist, Alessandra Amoroso. And, once she is a few steps away from her, her fan hands her a pillow to receive theautograph with tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat from emotion. But the singer, in Piazza del … Read more