“Penalization for Juve”, what a sting: furious Juventus fans – Tennispress.it

Penalization for Juve what a sting furious Juventus fans

Juve will be penalized: the sensational revelation comes from a former footballer who offers no escape. The fans are furious It’s the day of Naples-Juventusthe race that can also be worth a piece of scudetto. The first against the second in the class, with the two formations divided by a good seven points, a margin … Read more

Clashes between fans, the investigating judge: ‘Guerilla to annihilate the enemy’ – Football

Clashes between fans the investigating judge Guerilla to annihilate the

In the last 4 years, the data on accidents related to sporting events “are positive, no serious events have occurred in the stadiums”. In the light of what happened last Sunday on the A1, according to what has been learned, the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi, in today’s meeting at the Viminale with the … Read more

The war of the fans on the A1, the Romanist ultra Di Tosto released from prison – Chronicle

The war of the fans on the A1 the Romanist

Obligation to sign and stay, to be observed in Rome, for the Giallorossi ultra Martino Di Tosto. This was decided by the judge at the end of the hearing to validate the arrest in Arezzo, the city where the 43-year-old was arrested for clashes between fans on the highway. of Tosto he had been arrested … Read more

The war of the fans on the A1, the two Roma ultras are free again – Chronicle

The war of the fans on the A1 the two

Emiliano Bigi and Filippo Lombardi are back free, the two Roma ultras arrested yesterday as part of the investigation into the clashes that took place on Sunday on the A1. The judge for the express lines of the Capital has not in fact validated the arrest not recognizing the application of the deferred flagrance particularly … Read more

The war of the ultras on the A1, listen to the audio of the fans in the chats – Chronicle

The war of the ultras on the A1 listen to

About 180 fans, including Neapolitans and Roma supporters, identified between Genoa and Milan, a Giallorossi ultra injured and arrested in Arezzo, other arrests hypothesized in the 48 hours of deferred flagrance (expiring on Tuesday around midday), a ‘storm’ of Daspo arriving. The judicial police balance for the riots between fans and the blockage of the … Read more

Brazil, assault on the Parliament. Police arrest 1,200 Bolsonaro fans. US Dem: “Extradite the former president” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Jan 9, 2023 15:02 US Dem: “Extradite Bolsonaro to Brazil. He used the Trump style to inspire terrorists” First requests in the US to extradite Jair Bolsonaro to Brazil. Joaquin Castro, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told CNN that Bolsonaro used “Trump’s script to inspire domestic terrorists to try to take over … Read more

Paola Caruso discharged from hospital: “I need rest”. What disease does his son Michele have? The details that have not escaped the fans

Paula Caruso she was discharged after hospitalization. «Finally home with my love». She let her fans know on Instagram. The showgirl had a psychophysical breakdown after discovering that her son Michele was ill. «I never recovered from Michele’s misfortune, my body suffered too great a trauma. I tried to be strong for my son who … Read more

Men and women, Alessandro changes his look: off the beard, here he is with a mustache (which does not convince the fans) – newsby

Men and women Alessandro changes his look off the beard

Alessandro Vicinanza changes look newsby Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza are increasingly in love and close-knit. Their respective social profiles are overflowing with videos and photos that immortalize them together happy and smiling. But a detail of the knight amazed the fans. Alexander Proximity won the heart of the historical lady of Men and women, … Read more

Elodie and Andrea Iannone, the escape worries the fans | It happened at Christmas – Tennispress.it

Elodie and Andrea Iannone the escape worries the fans

The latest on the much-talked-about couple who unite the world of sport with that of entertainment. The Roman singer and the well-known motorcyclist are still talked about for what they have decided. On the one hand, one of songwriters most sensual and followed in Italy. On the other a biker of great talent who, however, … Read more

Ferrari, all finished: the latest revelation cuts off the legs of the fans

Ferrari all finished the latest revelation cuts off the legs

Ferrari, all finished: the latest revelation cuts off the legs of the fans. An announcement that does not leave too much hope in view of 2023 This time it is Norbert Haug, former Mercedes vice president and historic rival at the time of Ron Dennis, who does not consider the Red to be competitive for … Read more