Mirian Trevisan, the news that freezes the fans: “I thought I was dying”

Mirian Trevisan still feels like Non รจ la Rai’s girlfriend, carefree, cheerful and full of energy, even if life has reserved some nasty surprises: “Is it a crime to feel young at 50?”asks the former gieffina. Feeling young, however, certainly does not mean being immature or at least not for Miriana: “I made mistakes, like … Read more

White night, closed center: exhibitors oriented to lower the shutters to Vasco Rossi’s fans

TRENTO. If the area of South Trento is now ready to welcome Vasco Rossi in grand style, with the premises at the starting blocks amidst innovative menus, set-ups and twenty-four hour shifts, the city center is still strongly divided. And while the Province cares about Google Maps on which it intervened quickly because there are … Read more

Chiellini to the fans: “Juve was everything, it was time to go.” The touching greeting from Bonucci and Barzagli

The long message from the defender before his last home match: “Tonight a whirlwind of emotions will pass through me. Here I have made a dream come true, but the journey does not end” It will be a special evening tonight for Juve and for the Juventus players. It will be especially so for Giorgio … Read more

Rome-Venice, a surprise at the Olimpico to thank the fans

1652520072 Rome Venice a surprise at the Olimpico to thank the fans

ROME – Twenty-seven matches, sixteen sold outover a million total spectators, twenty-one thousand subscribers, over twenty million proceeds from free sales. And a love bath that has constantly supported the team. This is Roma at the Olimpicothese are the Giallorossi fans who have never left the club alone in this first year of the project … Read more

Vuelle, coach Banchi calls the fans “With Bologna I want you in ten thousand” – the Resto del Carlino

“How many people do I expect at the palace for match 3 against Virtus? At least 10 thousand people. And I hope that the Pesaro audience will not disappoint me also because I am touchy and then I take offense”, says Luca Banchi. Having hit the playoff goal against Naples, yesterday morning the miracle technician … Read more

Delirium in Foggia-Catanzaro: the fans interrupt the game, they want to beat Iemmello

1649727292 Delirium in Foggia Catanzaro the fans interrupt the game they want

Foggia-Catanzaro interrupted several times for the folly of the fans: they make an invasion of the field and target the former on duty, Pietro Iemmello. One of them almost manages to get his hands on him and seems to mimic a terrible gesture: I’ll cut your throat. A moment of the invasion of the field … Read more